22 'Westworld'-Themed Recipes for Your Premiere Party


Whether you love the show, hate the show, or hate that you love that you have no idea what's going on in the show, you probably have some type of opinion about Westworld. Is it a brilliant meta-commentary on violence in mainstream media? A clunky-but-beautiful smorgasbord of deep-fried and dumbed-down Philosophy 101 insights featuring copious nudity? Or maybe... just a nice distraction every Sunday night this spring? You might have better luck looking here.

What we can do here, in the confines of this (definitely non-sentient) page of the internet, is provide you with 22 Westworld-themed recipes for your own premiere party. Even if "premiere party" is what you call making French toast for three and eating it alone in your underwear at 9pm this Sunday when Westworld Season 2 premiers.

Don't worry, that doesn't look like anything to me. Except a damn good time

These Violent Delights Have Violent Burnt Brisket Ends
Is meat murder? Debatable. But nevertheless, delightful.

The Maize Wasn't Meant for You Elote
This title is a little misleading, as the maize in question is definitely meant for you, too.

Surprisingly Simple Shogun World Sushi
One of the biggest questions around Season 2 is if the Samurai-centric "Shogun World" will actually be featured… and it almost certainly will, given the sneak-peak given in Season 1. Chekhov's Gun, and so forth.

Dolores Abernathy’s Sticky Taffy
This taffy is as sweet as Dolores! Before she murdered all those nice townfolk.

It Doesn't Look Like Any Pudding to Me
But it is.

The Man in Black (Bean Soup)
Being sadistic has never been more filling!

Dual Timeline Tiramisu
There's just so many layers here.

White Hat Angel Food Cake
For the noble watchers amongst us.

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Lee Sizemore's Prized S'mores
Just as all life -- carbon-based and mechanical -- should be accepted, so should all s'mores.

Evil Wyatt's Non-Evil Vegan Burger
Just in case you do think meat is murder

Teddy Flood’s Blood Sausage
Teddy kind of gets shit on for the entirety of Season 1, right? So why not honor him with blood sausage. I know that doesn't really make sense, but it does rhyme.

Host French Toast
See above.

The Morally Expository Black and White Cookie
With this homemade version of the NYC dessert delicacy, you can have it both ways.

El Lazo's Deceiving Lemon Tarts
Little decorative nooses are optional.

Ghost Nation Ghost Pepper Chili
Spice is also the variety of death, I guess.

Deliberately Vague Plotlines Quiche
Westworld isn't hitting Lost-levels of loose ends. But it's getting there.

Logan's Peer Pressure Pear Salad
To Logan's credit, his constant barrage of "come on, man!" really ended up working…

"Journey Into Night" Omelet with Egg Whites
It will be the greatest narrative via yolks the public has ever seen.

Maeve Millay’s Tarte Flambee
We haven't seen her daughter, but we do know where to find an excellent bacon and onion flambee.

Menacing Player Piano Potato Skins
In case your favorite part of the show is the banging Amy Winehouse covers.

Confused Viewer Croque Monsieur
Don't worry -- I think they do it on purpose.

Pretentious Coworkers Incorrectly Analyzing the Show Around the Water Cooler Cobbler
Because no one needs a condescending mansplaining session about the morality of metaphysical implications of the mirrors of consciousness argument. Right? Right.

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