Meet the Brand Behind the Aprons Chefs Everywhere Are Obsessing Over

Helt Studio's aprons are not only built to handle the heat (and spills), but they look great on just about anyone.

The crew at MORIHIRO in Los Angeles | Photo by Cameron Crothers
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It's easy to dismiss the humble apron as a simple garment that you don't need to spend much time thinking about. But let's face it: not all aprons are created equal. Sure, you could cinch any old piece of cloth to your frontside and call it a day, but if you're splish-splashing around during meal prep you want something that can reliably protect you from the mess. You want something that the pros stand by. In short, you need an apron made by Helt Studio.

Helmed by a team of former chefs and restaurant owners with longtime experience in the industry, Helt Studio was launched in an effort to produce top-notch apparel and uniforms for the modern kitchen worker. The brand is focused on making items that are not only super-functional and resilient (it employs a variety of performance fabrics in its garments that are both cooling and liquid-repellant), but also more comfortable and less clunky than traditional kitchen apparel. And while Helt certainly caters to professional kitchen workers (its counts a number of notable chefs as fans, including Top Chef finalist Shirley Chung), home cooks with a penchant for messiness will also appreciate its offerings, specifically its line of aprons.

Chef Shirley Chung | Photo by Albert Law

Helt Studio's canvas aprons come in both the standard bib or below-the-waist bistro styles, and are available in a variety of colors. They're also breathable and made with a four-way stretch fabric so they'll move with you as you dart from stovetop to sink, and some are also treated with a special water-repelling coating so you can simply wipe off whatever splashes back at you. Each one comes loaded with pockets large enough to fit small cooking tools (thermometers, a spoon, etc), and fully adjustable via cotton straps. They're a far cry from the ratty floral covering you may have seen your grandmother wear. They're frankly quite style-forward, which can add that extra oomph of confidence you'll want while tackling any daunting new recipe.

Apron prices range from $55-75, and they're currently available in a dozen different colorways. Though, if you're hoping for something a bit more unique, Helt Studio will gladly work with you to produce a bulk order of something more custom. Plus, from now through the end of the year, Helt Studio is offering an exclusive 20% discount for Thrillist readers when you use code THRILLIST20 at checkout.

Head to Helt Studio and snag your new favorite apron.