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What Should I Eat for Dinner?

steak frites
Andrew Zimmer/Thrillist

If you listened to the commercials narrated by the dulcet tones of Robert Mitchum during the early ‘90s, the answer is “beef”. And you know what? That might be the right answer. But it also might not be. Scope this list of Thrillist-approved recipes and stop any dinner craving in its tracks. Check out even more recipe ideas here.

If you’re feeling a burger

The Salsiccia Burger is a flight to Italy in a bun. Get the recipe

Cheesy Corn Bulgogi Burgers are a must-try twist on Korean BBQ. You must have them

Replace your burger buns with mac & cheese. You know you want to try it

Turkey burgers are healthy. Almost TOO healthy. Try stuffing them with jalapeño poppers.

Make a portobello burger, but add bacon. Because all things should come in moderation.

If you’re craving cheese

Pizza nachos are a beautiful cheesy marriage. Yes, you can have nachos for dinner.

This grilled cheese is packed with cheese on the inside AND the outside. Make it now.

The Banh Mi grilled cheese puts two sandwich titans together at last. Viet-nom-nom-nom.

If you’d like that cheese to involve pasta

Try this seafood mac & cheese with Goldfish. Get it?

Caprese lasagna roll-ups SOUND like they’re at least part salad. Check them out here.

Cheesy tortellini pepperoni casserole in no way sounds like a salad. But it does sound amazing.

Spaghetti bolognese pie is so good you’ll want it for dinner AND dessert. So make it.

Pulled pork lasagna isn’t just for Carolina-dwelling Italians. Which means you should try it.

Buffalo chicken lasagna will change the way you see lasagna forever. Pass the bleu cheese.

If you’re especially carnivorous

Make a meat-lovers pizza, but make the crust out of hash browns. It can be done.

Make a whole damn chicken glazed with Fireball. You can drink while you cook.

Fajita roll-ups are paleo-friendly. But also too delicious for you to care about that.

If it’s taco night

Buffalo chicken tacos, for when you can’t handle an entire buffalo chicken lasagna. Check out the recipe.

Blackened shrimp tacos with mango salsa are the reason we have shrimp. Here’s proof.

carne asada tacos
Josh Scherer/Thrillist

Carne asada latke tacos are perfect for Hanukkah. Or literally any other time of year.

Korean BBQ tacos are something you need in your repertoire. You won’t regret it.

If you’re having breakfast for dinner

Try these breakfast bread boats. Set sail on a sea of eggs and carbs.

Make this breakfast lasagna. The pancakes are the noodles!

Have a glazed donut breakfast sandwich. It’s been a long day, and you deserve it.

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