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Sonic is giving away 50-cent battered-and-stick'd dogs today

Sonic Corn Dog

School's out for Summer, and, (for most of us), school's out forever, so stop being coop-ed (heh) up in your house and find your local Sonic Drive-In today to get a 50-cent corn dog in celebration of this joyous occasion! All day on May 23rd, Sonics across the country are handing out waaay-reduced-price battered-and-stick'd tubesteaks. No more pencils. No more books. And definitely no more school-sanctioned shepherd's pie.Get out there and support this Oklahoma City-based business! Click here to locate the nearest Sonic, like, go there, and fund some recovery -- corn dog-style.NOTE: If you want to contribute to Oklahoma City recovery efforts, you can also donate here.