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10 Chipotle confessions from that secret-hoarding Whisper app

Whisper confession about Chipotle
Shutterstock/Whisper (edited)

We already know from our dive into the Secret app that you guys have some weird Cheez-It habits. But as we learned from searching Whisper, Chipotle secrets run just as deep, and just as random. For the uninitiated, Whisper is a smartphone app where people leave anonymous confessions about all sorts of topics, from dating to fast food. And so, here are 10 shameful admissions about Chipotle fresh off the app. Some of them are pretty bad, but hey, we've all done bizarre things in the pursuit of burritos.

Whisper confession sister's Chipotle

Burrito theft: the worst kind of sibling betrayal. Cain and Abel would be shocked. SHOCKED!

Whisper confession Chipotle avocados

You go home and make fresh guacamole every time you go to Chipotle?! That's actually pretty damn impressive.

Whisper confession Chipotle 5 times

Sometimes you have to fly a little close to the sun to achieve greatness.

Whisper confession Chipotle sauce

Didn't your parents teach you to be better than this? Only the sugar packets at Denny's are fair game, and only when you're 65.

Whisper confession Chipotle gnat

Well eating bugs is pretty trendy nowadays.

Whisper confession Chipotle kitten

Psh. Real fans would name her Quesarito.

Whisper confession Chipotle cheating

He does, and weirdly Brenda from next door is always with him.

Whisper confession The Purge Chipotle

Admirable goals, but that wouldn't stop some wooden-masked preppy from stealing your guac as you left.

Whisper confession Chipotle pronunciation

We're guessing you can't say "tzatziki", either.

Whisper confession white girl Chipotle


Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and her shameful Chipotle confession is that she's saved half her burrito for later on multiple occasions. Follow her at @kristin_hunt.