You're gonna need a case of White Castle's new Sriracha Chicken Sliders

Now that Sriracha is officially safe, we're once again free to put it on everything. First up: White Castle's new pair of Sriracha Chicken Sliders. Each sandwich comes with a chicken patty (sadly, not a chicken ring) coated in Sriracha-infused breading and chipotle mayo, but the "ultimate" slider also gets you jalapeño cheese and crunchy jalapeño crisps. These bold spins on the trademark White Castle slider are part of the chain's Summer of Spice line, which also includes side of crispy jalapeño cheese fries, provided you can handle the heat. If not, there's a plain old chicken ring with your name on it.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and will always respect White Castle for sticking with crinkle cut. (Looking at you, Shake Shack.) Follow her at @kristin_hunt.