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Whole Foods for Poor Millennials Is Called '365'

Attention millennials with near-empty bank accounts and affinities for organic soap and dark chocolate toffee & nut brittle: your Whole Foods is almost within reach!

The company announced today that its cheaper sister chain catered towards 20- and 30-somethings will take the name of one of its house brands, "365," The Wall Street Journal reports.

365 by Whole Foods Market will open next year and will be led by Jeff Turnas, an employee of the chain for 20 years. Using the name of its cheaper private-label brand, "365 Everyday Value," should draw a following of shoppers less-enthusiastic about the original stores' high prices. Maybe one day we'll live in a world where no one ever utters the words "whole paycheck."

Whole Foods' co-CEO, Walter Robb, told the Associated Press that 365 products will "anchor the stores," but they'll also have other items, including national brands. The company also plans to open between five and 10 of the "streamlined, hip, [and] cool" 365 stores around the country next year.

Wait, you mean that organic soap didn't have enough of a cool factor before???

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist. She buys cheese at Whole Foods and then feels too guilty to eat it. Totally kidding -- cheese over everything. Follow her on Twitter at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to