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Watch This Woman Inexplicably Swallow an Entire Stick of Butter

Published On 10/24/2016 Published On 10/24/2016

In "Homer's Enemy," one of the objectively greatest episodes on the long-running Simpsons, Homer's grotesque eating habits are likened to a duck rather than a pig -- as one of his co-workers points out that "pigs tend to chew" while the titular Simpson tosses an eclair down his throat with mallard-esque efficiency. 

While we can't say for certain if the woman in the video was directly influenced by Homer Simpson, she definitely has his flare for swallowing her food whole. While the stick of butter goes down easily, she definitely looks like she is feeling slightly uncomfortable, and probably checked the room for at least one person who knew the Heimlich during that final gulp. Is this a party trick, or her everyday eating style? The world may never now.

Anyway -- the video is self-explanatory. Just stay away from the comments section if you want to keep your faith in humanity. They're exactly what you'd expect.  

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