Watch This Guy Destroy the World Record for Bacon-Eating

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In the domain of competitive eating, there are world records for pretty much every food imaginable: hot dogs, vegan hot dogs, bunless hot dogs, whole turkeys, birthday cakes, slugburgers (yeah, there's an individual record for slugburgers)... But all of these pale in comparison (at least in terms of outright Americanness) to BACON. Surely, the person who can eat the most of this porky snack has gotta be the most American person imaginable, right?

Well, if so, that title goes to San Jose-based competitive eater Matt Stonie, who -- on Sunday, and weighing in at an alleged 120lbs -- broke the record for the largest amount of bacon consumed in five minutes... with 182 SLICES. You can watch him in the video above, or just, y'know, take us at our word that he completes the feat (he does). Someone get this guy a medal.

Adam Lapetina is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and thinks three slices with breakfast is just fine, thanks. Read his musings at @adamlapetina.