This record-breaking hot dog is soaked in $2,000 Cognac, topped with lobster

First, they stole our national foods ranking with gravy-soaked fries. Fine: fries are French anyway, and what with Montreal being a place where people speak French, we'll let it slide. But now Canada is messing with that most American of foods -- the humble hot dog -- loading it up with enough bling to land in the Guinness Book of World Records. This has international incident written all over it.

The perpetrator of this meaty middle finger to the US is Vancouver's DougieDog, which for nearly two years has served up the $100 Dragon Dog, a foot-long bratwurst soaked in a $2,000 Cognac, then topped with Kobe beef, fresh lobster, truffle oil, and secret sauce. This week, Guinness declared it the world's priciest dog (despite being a brat), which, honestly, is kind of a surprise, seeing as 'Murica has things like $750 cupcakes. We've lost our focus, America. Somebody (maybe this dude?) get working on topping a Ball Park with gold flakes, stat.

Andy Kryzais a senior editor on Thrillist's food & drink team, and once got visibly angry when charged $5 for a hot dog. Follow him to street vendor throwdowns via @apkryza.