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We Might Run Out of Sushi in Our Lifetime. It's Time to Panic.

The WWF (the World Wildlife Fund, not the fake-wrestlin' league) has released a study saying planet Earth (the planet we live on, not the David Attenborough doc) could run out of fish by the year 2048.

That means no more salmon rolls. No more tempura. No more seared tuna or spicy tuna rolls or any other types of tuna for that matter. Fish -- and your sushi -- will be on permanent hiatus. Which I do realize is an oxymoron. But shit, we have no time for semantics here. 

A recent report by Quartz addressed the issue, specifically singling out the bluefin tuna -- a species of fish that encapsulates the problems facing nearly every creature under da sea. See, bluefin is at 2.6% of its historic population. Amanda Nickson, director of Global Tuna Conservation at the Pew Charitable Trust, told Quartz, "We think there's a very grave danger of it disappearing unless action is taken in the next two years."

And again -- this is just one example that represents the plight of nearly every fish. As different species become extinct due to overfishing and climate change, fisherman move on to new species until they are depleted, too. And this vicious cycle of consumption continues over and over again. And while many sushi joints pride themselves in their sustainability practices, there are many, many more that openly advertise endangered fish like bluefin.

While our sushi restaurants are only one facet of the restaurant industry that will be affected by a fish-pocolypse that could hit us mid-century, no restaurant that serves fish will be immune. So if measures to prevent overfishing or increase preservation don't happen soon, we might have to get used to eating a lot of more fake fish, and deal with diarrhea that will inevitably follow.

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Wil Fulton is a staff writer for Thrillist. He actually blames Gwyneth Paltrow for most of the world's problems. Follow him @wilfulton.