Fast-Food Workers Reveal What You Should Never Order

Chipotle tacos, tacos
Laura Murray/Thrillist (edited)
Laura Murray/Thrillist (edited)

Fast-food advice -- like a delicious Taco Bell taco that's soft and crunchy -- comes in multiple layers. On the one hand, you've got sage-like tips about the absolute perfect order at every spot. But the flip side of that double-decker is the food that you should all all costs. The dark side of the drive-thru is the focus of a recent Reddit mega-thread that asks fast-food employees to detail what we (meaning the customer) should never order at their respective fast-food joints. Here are their sordid tales. Remember, take all of these with many, many salt grains. This is the Internet, after all.

Chipotle: Tacos

Carl's Jr./Hardee's: Chicken tenders