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10 of the Most Horrific Restaurant Experiences of All Time

Roaches in a restaurant.
Jason Hoffman/Thrillist

Unless Pixar releases a movie where anthropomorphic cockroaches begin cooking delicious French stews, no one is ever going to be happy to see one in a restaurant. But hey, a rain of bugs on your fancy dinner at least gives you a good story. Or a terrifying one, like these tales of culinary terror from a recent Reddit thread. Come for the roaches. Stay for the potential serial killers.

Lose a car, get a free meal

You can check out, but you can never leave

This is creepier than any horror movie you've ever seen

Worst cockroach story of all time

At least wait a little to steal their credit card!

"I'll be your server today, my name is The Internet"

Was the waiter a 10-year-old?

OK, maybe this is the worst cockroach story

There are no words for the sadness within this story


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