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The Worst Fast-Food Tattoos You'll Ever See on the Internet

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Swimdecker333/Esquire Photo/Twitter (edited)

Finding enjoyment in other people's misfortune is not a product of the internet age. Schadenfreude has been a bona fide phenomenon since people have been embarrassing themselves -- which means forever. Remember that dude who tripped in wooly mammoth dung? His pelt smelled for days!

But it's always a little bit better when the objects of your mean-spirited kicks brought the hilarious misfortune upon themselves. Like the fine folks you are about to see, who -- inexplicably -- thought it would be a good idea to permanently brand themselves with their favorite fast-food brands, in spectacularly horrific fashion. 

The deformed Burger King king

This misshapen blob of fast-food royalty is somehow less creepy than the actual Burger King king.

Which actually isn't saying much.

Off-color Wendy's Logo

The attention to detail is impressive (note the exactness on the number of freckles), but it just looks a little off because of the colorization. Then again, any tattoo of the Wendy's logo would look a little off.

Hopefully this guy gets free Frostys. 

The Taco Bell collection

More so than Wendy's and Burger King, Taco Bell has inspired enthusiasts to take up the needle and emblazon their skin with graphic renderings of their favorite fast-food Mexican chain. 

While some fans opt for a logo, others go the taco route. And one lady just went full '90s and got bedazzle-y. They are all fairly poor decisions.  

The KFC Krew

For some, Kentucky Fried Chicken isn't just a fast-chicken predilection, or a treat for Japan on Christmas -- it's a total lifestyle, and a measuring stick for your own successes in life. Because you don't know you've hit rock bottom till you have a "Chicken over bitches" tattoo featuring Colonel Sanders.

Especially on your foot. Even if it's henna. That's still two to three weeks of shame.

The McDonald's hot messes

The first tattoo -- the highly publicized "receipt" -- is the result of an oddly accepted dare.

The rest are just the result of genuine lack of foresight. These tattoos aren't just body art. They are living hieroglyphics that will tell future historians about the 21st century, more than any text ever could.

We live in an age where a sexy Ronald McDonald tattoo (with pubic fries) is a harrowing reality.  

Actually, this last one is pretty cool...

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