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Wrigley Field is turned into a cake to distract Cubs fans from 69 years of losing

Today, Chicago celebrated the 100th birthday of its most beloved citizen: Bill Murray. Actually, it was Wrigley Field, a stadium marking an entire century of play. Naturally this called for a cake, and so Chicago called in the Cake Boss, aka Buddy Valastro, to construct an edible replica of the arena.

It took six days to complete, but the team at Carlo's Bakery ended up with this massive 400lb, 5ft-by-5ft masterwork with layers of chocolate, vanilla cake, and fudge buried beneath the frosted AstroTurf. Even more miraculously, it survived the 12-hour drive from Hoboken and arrived at the real Wrigley Field just in time for festivities. It presumably went down excellently with a Heileman's Old Style.

Kristin Hunt is a food/drink staff writer for Thrillist, and would like to formally request a Camden Yards cake. Follow her to frosted Cal Ripken posters at @kristin_hunt.