This burger comes with gratuitous bacon, a boozy Boo Berry shake

Realizing that people are kinda into this "bacon" thing, restaurants have been tripping over themselves to churn out the most insane bacon burger in America. So what makes this latest offering different? Well, for one, it's got "bacon zombie sauce". For another, you can get it with a Boo Berry shake. And for one more, it's offered by Zombie Burger, a restaurant that's just as passionate about burgers as it is about George A. Romero flicks.

The Des Moines joint has built a cult around its amazingly absurd burgers, all bearing names that reference the undead (i.e. The Walking Ched, Juan of the Dead, East Village of the Damned). This week, they resurrected an old favorite that Michonne presumably slayed: The World War B. This delicacy piles four bacon strips, pulled bacon, baconnaise, bacon zombie sauce, and something called "cheddar cheese" atop a beef patty. And if all that bacon intrigue weren't enough, its recommended pairing is a Boo Berry milkshake. That'd be a blend of the monster cereal, marshmallow cream, vanilla ice cream, and vanilla vodka if you want it, which of course you do. This burger of the week is sadly subject to availability, which means it'll probably be gone by nightfall, but if you're anywhere near Iowa, go get those zombie guts.

Kristin Hunt is a Food/Drink staff writer for Thrillist, and is bitter this isn't her current lunch. Follow her to zombie envy at @kristin_hunt.