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Everywhere You Can Eat Late in NOLA

Published On 10/27/2016 Published On 10/27/2016
Dat Dog
Katie Sikora
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Verti Marte

French Quarter

The French Quarter’s most trusty late-night eats come from the back of a dusty corner store on a quiet patch of Royal St. Order your food at the tall counter in the back, where you can choose from a wide variety of homestyle dishes -- barbecue, seafood, pasta, sandwiches, po-boys, salads, breakfast, and desserts. Call in an order ahead of time to beat the hungry masses, and be prepared to eat outside on the stoop or one of the new tall-boy tables outside. This cash-only spot is open 24 hours a day, so don’t worry about arriving to a closing restaurant.

Bar Redux


Bar Redux is a cozy, laid-back neighborhood bar perfect for a music lover. Offering up popular bar eats with a New Orleanian and Caribbean twist, this intimate bar also has live entertainment just about every night of the week, from horror films to live bands. Bar food favorites like wings and nachos can be paired with vegetarian and vegan options -- try the portobello and vegetarian burgers, or the veggie cheesesteak. At Bar Redux, the drinks are cheap and food is served until 2am on weeknights and 3am on weekends.

Dat Dog Nola

Dat Dog


Dat Dog is like Lucky Dog’s adventurous cousin, and its Frenchmen location immerses you in the action of the live music-filled street. Open until midnight on weekdays and 'til 3am on weekends, Dat Dog offers a highly customizable hot dog experience in a high energy, festive, and bright environment. From traditional German and Polish sausages to locally produced sausages made with alligator, crawfish, and duck, and over 30 available toppings, it’s hard not to experiment. Loaded fries are popular for those not looking to fill up on meat.  



This casual wine bar on St. Charles Ave features $5 glasses of wine daily, alongside rich appetizers and entrees. The pommes frites is a popular choice for groups looking to share a bite -- they’re fried in goose fat and served in a towering pile, with aioli and peanut satay on the side for dipping. Delachaise also gives a serious upgrade to standard fare like flank steak bruschetta and grilled eggplant cannoli, as well as entrees such as grilled cheese Anabella and steamed mussels are upgrades on standard fare. Order food at the bar and enjoy the outdoor patio until 2am on weeknights and until 3am on Saturday and Sunday.

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The Camellia Grill


Serving diner classics since 1946, The Camellia Grill is an old-school fixture in uptown New Orleans, right off the St. Charles streetcar line. Counter seating and an open kitchen creates a fast-paced and excitable environment, and the line to enter often snakes down the street. Open until midnight on weekdays and 2am on weekends, top menu items include tasty burgers, massive omelettes, and a long list of speciality sandwiches. Sweets are a must here; be sure to try a chocolate cherry freeze or a slice of pie to cap off your meal.


St. Roch

Hidden in the back of Siberia, Kukhnya serves up Slavic soul food that will stick to your stomach. Beets feature heavily on the menu, most notably as a star in the hearty borscht and in the beet burger. While vegetarian and vegan options abound, the massive reuben is one of the best in the city.  Pierogis, blinis, and golumpki round out the robust menu. The huge portions and low prices at Kukhnya will fill you up until midnight.

Cleo's Mediterranean Cuisine & Grocery

Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Grocery

Central Business District

Just a few blocks from the din of Bourbon St is Cleo’s, a convenience store serving up fresh Mediterranean eats 24 hours a day. It’s a tiny place with a packed menu -- think stuffed grape leaves, gyros, falafel, spinach pie, kebabs, hummus, and shawarma -- that’s deeply satisfying, fresh, and filling without half the regret of typical late-night meals. Cleo’s offers tables for those wanting to dine in, or delivery when it’s too late to leave the house.


Lower Garden District

Hoshun Restaurant serves up straightforward Asian fusion and keeps its doors open until 2am every night of the week. Hoshun is perfect for late-night sushi and Americanized standards of Chinese, Thai, Japanese, and Vietnamese dishes. The menu is vast and the portions are huge, and the dining room can easily accommodate a large group of late-night epicures. Most notable are Hoshun’s two- and three-sushi-roll deals, and a late-night delivery option.


Bud’s Broiler


Bud’s Broilers has many locations scattered across the metro area, but the only one open 24 hours a day is located at 500 City Park Ave in Mid-City. Bud’s is not a typical burger joint -- the meat is broiled on an open flame charcoal grill. A simple menu of burgers, fries, and milkshakes keeps Bud’s as a final destination for many night owls. It can be pretty busy at the most unexpected hours, so be prepared to sit back and soak in the smell of grilling meat and charcoal. Not to be overlooked are the fried hand pies available in apple, peach, and cherry.

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1. Verti Marte 1201 Royal St, New Orleans, LA 70116

Twenty-four-hour deli Verti Marte is housed in the back of a small, unassuming grocery store on a quiet French Quarter street. It's earned a devoted following among night owls, especially for its interpretation of that all-important Louisiana staple, the po-boy, made with crispy fried shrimp and oysters on a soft, seeded roll. That's not to say the po-boy is all Verti Marte has in store: its calorie-packing sandwich roster includes All That Jazz, a ham and turkey sandwich layered with sautéed shrimp and mushrooms, and Swiss and American cheeses. They deliver, but you may want to budget in some walking time to pick up one of these monolithic sandwiches yourself.

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2. Bar Redux 801 Poland Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

Street-art murals cover the facade of juke joint Bar Redux, marked by a 1936 glowing “BAR” sign. It’s a 2014 addition to Bywater’s robust bar scene, serving traditional rummy NOLA cocktails like One Love (rum and pineapple), alongside Creole-Caribbean eats like chicken-andouille sausage gumbo and Cuban sandwiches. Inside, movie memorabilia and pop culture ephemera dot the space while outside features a partially-covered smoking patio. Live music is a fixture here, with comedy, trivia, movie nights and burlesque dances draped in live snakes making performance cameos.

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3. Dat Dog 5030 Freret St, New Orleans, LA 70115

Founded as a UK doghouse by a NOLA native, Dat Dog's shed has since become one of the most popular eateries on Freret St. The pork-friendly menu here spans everything from a duck sausage dog served with blackberry sauce to alligator and crawfish dogs on the menu. Beer, wine, and cocktails await at the full bars both upstairs and downstairs, and the spacious floor plan, energized with a rainbow burst of paint spread over tables, walls, and lighting, establishes a casual, yet lively atmosphere.

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4. The Delachaise 3442 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70115

Picture this: an intimate dinner on an outdoor patio, strings of glowing lights crisscrossing overhead, sipping on a selection from one of New Orleans’ most decorated wine lists, and snacking on decadent bites like goose-fat fried pommes frites, piquant with peanut satay (or, for those undeterred by fine swamp food, the spice-obsessed frog legs). It’s your average night at The Delachaise, a weekend haunt for wine lovers with Creole cravings and time to spare -- evenings at this cozy joint are relaxed affairs, and the “walk-ins only” policy means you’ll likely wait for a table (trust us: it's worth it).

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5. The Camellia Grill 626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

While you’re in New Orleans, you can’t miss out on brunch at the Camellia Grill, a landmark southern comfort diner around since 1946. The dizzying menu offers eggs, omelettes, waffles and pancakes, chili, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, French fries, cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. Servers sport vintage uniforms and transport you back to a simpler time, when calories no longer stop you from getting one of Camellia’s famous freezes (milkshakes) and you have no reservations about getting a chocolate pecan pie with a double scoop of ice cream.

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6. Siberia Bar 2227 Saint Claude Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

This windowless joint on busy, industrial St. Claude Ave started out as an appropriately dark home base for New Orleans’ storied punk and metal scene. The booking has since expanded to include regular gigs from a variety of entertainers and genres, including psychedelic rock, goth DJs, comedy, burlesque, and old-timey string bands. The cash-only window in the rear, between the jukebox and the pool table, dishes out killer Polish and Ukrainian food: pillowy pierogies, kielbasa, cabbage rolls, and a hearty vegetarian Reuben made with beets. Once your eyes adjust to the dimness, see if you can spot all the taxidermy. There's probably a turkey, frozen forever in flight, right above your head.

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7. Cleo Mediterranean Cuisine & Convenience 165 Roosevelt Way, New Orleans, LA 70112

From the outside, you might not think much of Cleo’s Mediterranean Cuisine & Grocery in NOLA’s CBD; but the convenience store façade belies a dual-concept market and restaurant that serves up some of the most decadent, flavorful Mediterranean food in the city. Though the Lebanese iced tea and the gyro plate are crowd favorites, the huge menu consists of appetizers, soups, salads, sides, platters, and wraps and sandwiches. After a night on Bourbon Street, Cleo’s 24/7 hours are greatly appreciated.

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8. Hoshun 1601 Saint Charles Ave, New Orleans, LA 70130

Sleek and stylish Hoshun in the Lower Garden District serves up straightforward pan-Asian cuisine until 2am daily, making it an ideal spot whether you're craving Chinese, Thai, or some late-night sushi. Americanized versions of Japanese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Chinese dishes fill the vast menu and come in heaping portions, so feel free to share among a group of friends -- the dining room can easily accommodate large parties. With options that range from crispy ginger shrimp to sweet Thai chili chicken to specialty sushi rolls (the Playboy is set on fire at the table!), you have your work cut out for you. Luckily you can stay until the wee hours of the night deciding.

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9. Bud's Broiler 500 City Park Ave, New Orleans, LA 70119

Though Bud's has a number of locations around the New Orleans area, the shabby Mid-City joint is the only one that doles out the classic burgers, fries, and shakes that fans have come to adore 24/7. The burgers are a cut above what you're used to -- the meat is broiled on an open-flame charcoal grill -- and their prices are a cut below. Along with the standard fixings like lettuce, tomato, and pickle, be sure to top yours with Bud's original hickory smoke sauce. There are a handful of hot dogs and specialty sandwiches, too. Finish off your meal with something sweet, particularly Bud's fried hand pies that come in apple, peach, and cherry.