The Best Things to Eat on Magazine Street

In the past few years, it’s been serious boom times for the New Orleans restaurant scene (and of course the drinking scene), and few places is that fact more readily apparent than the stretch of Magazine St from the Lower Garden District all the way down to Audubon Park. But not all restos were created equally, of course. Sometimes, winners gotta win, and when it comes to the cuisine of Magazine, there are some serious winners. Here are our favorites.

Lilly's Cafe - Pho ga
Scott Gold/Thrillist

Pho ga with quail eggs

Lilly's Cafe

This unassuming Vietnamese spot near the Magazine split-off quickly became a favorite of Tom, Padme, and other food-lebrities when Top Chef was filming in NOLA, and for good reason: their rich chicken broth is one of the best in the city.

Smoked catfish dip


The original recipe for the smoked catfish dip at this modern American hotspot helmed by couple Kristen Essig and Michael Stoltzfus can be found on the CVB website, but the new version blows the beloved classic out of the water. Pickled carrots give the dish a burst of crunch and balance of texture while the mint and dill truly bring out the flavor of the filets. The menu says it’s “to share,” but you won’t willingly want to give up a single bite.

Dat Dog hot dog
Courtesy of Dat Dog

Crawfish sausage (topped with crawfish etouffee)

Dat Dog

There was a time, friends, when the hot dog options in NOLA were limited to two: dirty water Lucky Dogs, and having to make your own at home, neither of which sound all that appetizing. Now, thankfully, we have Dat Dog, with its crazy sausage and topping options, of which the crawfish-on-crawfish is definitely a winner.

Chilled corn bisque with crabmeat and avocado


OK, Lilette is expensive. But you nearly always get what you pay for, especially when it comes to this chilled soup, one of the best things to eat in New Orleans during its hottest months that isn’t a frozen daiquiri or a sno-ball. (Note: it’s not on the current menu, owing to seasonality, but it’s definitely coming back when things warm up.)

Raw Oysters

Raw oysters


There are other items on the menu at this perennial NOLA favorite that dates back to 1919, like oyster stew and oyster loaves served on buttery Texas toast. But really, it’s all about the raw ones here, which are kept in a proprietarily designed stainless steel oyster chiller that keeps the bivalves cold without watering them down in an ice bath. Genius.

Avo Plates

Lamb loin


Nick Lama has a great thing going on in the former Martinique Bistro space. For proof, just try the lamb loin, a rarely utilized cut that truly shines with a long, loving braise.

Shaya - Pita and hummus

Hummus and pita


It says a lot about the talent of a chef when they decide to cook from the heart and turn that passion into the hardest-to-snag reservation in New Orleans... especially if that passion is for Israeli cuisine. But this James Beard-winning walk-off home run by Alon Shaya does just that. Here, you will literally be graced with (sans metaphor or hyperbole) the BEST hummus and pita of your life. Also, the pomegranate lacquered lamb shank is a rich, flavorful out of control feast.

Bagel with lox and cream cheese

Stein's Deli

For visitors and transplants from the East Coast, finding a solid bagel in NOLA has always been something of a challenge. But you can’t go wrong at Stein’s, even with proprietor Dan Stein’s famously gruff ‘tude.  And they have fantastic matzoh balls, too.



District: Donuts.Sliders.Brew

Locals started flocking to this spot for the wacky donut concepts (maple bacon with Sriracha and candied thyme, SAY WHAAA?!), but you really don’t want to miss the sliders here, which are perfect little handfuls of hamburger (or chicken) joy.


Del Fuego Taqueria

Elotes are the unsung hero of the street taco movement, and Del Fuego’s version is the best in town, using local ingredients for an especially fresh sweet and creamy roasted corn. Just make sure to grab some extra napkins.

PIZZA Domenica - Prosciutto Pizza
PIZZA Domenica

A pie with prosciutto and arugula

PIZZA Domenica

There are too many Italian joints on Magazine to list here, but of course PIZZA Domenica is worthy of your attention with its bubbly crust and always fresh and interesting toppings. Go for the prosciutto with arugula, and you can basically pass it off as having a salad for dinner.

Veggie Combo

Cafe Abyssinia

New Orleans may not be well-known for its Ethiopian offerings (there are literally only two of them), but the two we have we do the cuisine justice, especially at Cafe Abyssinia, where you’ll find a king-sized sampler of veggies (everything from greens to peas to lentils) atop that wonderful spongy injera bread. For the more adventurous, try the crazy spicy doro wat, which is definitely not for the weak.

Baru Bistro Tapas
Baru Bistro Tapas



A raw bar isn’t really a novel concept in NOLA, but one dedicated to traditional crudos and ceviches is, which is where Baru’s upstairs bar distinguishes itself from the pack. Excellent for date night.

Juan's Flying Burrito
Juan's Flying Burrito

The Flying Burrito

Juan’s Flying Burrito

The eponymous dish at this institution is some serious bang-for-your-buck action, stuffed generously with steak, shrimp, and chicken, cheddar and jack, black beans, yellow rice, salsa, sour cream, and guacamole. You will not leave hungry. Also, bonus points for cheap and stiff margaritas!

A burger and a beer

The Bulldog

Sometimes you can’t go wrong with the standards, and while plenty of places have better burgers than the ol’ Bulldog (looking your way, LPG), you can’t beat the atmosphere on game day. Add to that a SERIOUS beer list, and you’re headed for a gratifying sports bar experience on any damn day.

A roast beef po-boy


Speaking of sports bars, Tracey’s bears a nod here for their roast beef, from the same folks who made the famous po-boys at Parasol’s. Just be sure to get there early on weekends if you want a place to sit.

Amici NOLA - pasta bolognese
Amici NOLA

Pasta bolognese


The anitipasti and coal-fired pizza at Amici are always satisfying, but their pastas are really where it’s at. A traditional, meaty Bolognese over pappardelle is often just what the doctor ordered. And then you say, “I’ll have what the doctor is having, because that looks delicious.” (Again, sorry.)

Red beans and rice with hot sausage

Joey K’s

Outside of ya mama’s house, this plate of good, old-fashioned red beans -- complete with a charred, hot sausage link -- is exceptionally difficult to best.

Slim Goodies Diner - Creole Slammer
Scott Gold/Thrillist

The Creole Slammer

Slim Goodies Diner

There’s always a line at Slim’s on the weekends, and one visit there will tell you why: its rich Southern breakfast plates will all but annihilate a hangover. For the uninitiated, try the Creole Slammer, which piles crawfish etouffee and a buttermilk biscuit on top of eggs cooked to your preference.

Egg rolls - Pho Cam Ly
Scott Gold/Thrillist

Egg rolls

Pho Cam Ly

Hailing from the Northern Vietnamese City of Cam Ly, known for its stunning waterfalls, the restaurant that bears its name offers myriad pleasures for the palate. Their beef pho is outstanding, but don’t miss the brilliant egg rolls, wrapped in tapioca (not wanton wrappers) and filled with funky, fermented Chinese sausage.

Crispy Brussel sprouts

Bouligny Tavern

Eating right just got way more delectable with Bouligny’s offering of veggies. The true star of getting your allotted amount of greens at this restaurant is the crunchy Brussels sprouts, cooked to perfection in brown butter and garnished with hazelnuts.

La Petite Grocery - Blue Crab Beignets
La Petite Grocery

Blue crab beignets

La Petite Grocery

Chef Justin Devillier is definitely having a moment right now. Between his success at LPG and Balise, his outpost in the Warehouse District, he’s sitting in the catbird seat. Which, of course, he deserves, and you’ll realize exactly why when you pop one of these hot, savory, crab-stuffed fritters into your face. You will immediately want more. They are that kind of good.

Shrimp po-boy


True, it’s not the most lauded sandwich shop in NOLA, but there’s little not to love about Guy’s, and local chefs (who will be generously unnamed herein) absolutely adore the place. Outside of a few other options -- Domilise’s, c, R&O, etc. -- few local restaurants can achieve this Platonic Ideal of po-boy mastery.

Poke Loa - Poke bowl
Poke Loa

Poke with Crystal Hot Sauce aioli

Poke Loa

The poke trend finally comes to New Orleans and gets a Louisiana spin with Crystal Hot Sauce aioli. The Irish Channel spot offers customizable bowls, but no matter what rice and protein you order, you have to stick with local flavor.

Jellyfish with garlic and cucumber

Jung’s Golden Dragon

Jung’s Kenner location may be gone but its Magazine St digs still deliver quality Chinese food in an unassuming space. The jellyfish stands out not just for its novelty but because of its delicious spicy preparation.

Nirvana Indian Cuisine - Masala Plate
Nirvana Indian Cuisine

Murgh Sonya


Move over, turducken. Murgh Sonya is ground lamb stuffed into chicken and cooked in a decadent cream sauce. The nuts and dried fruit make up for the lack of a third meat while adding a particularly complex mix of sweet and savory accents.



The beloved BLT gets an upgrade with lox, cream cheese, and fresh avocado at Surrey’s, which has two locations on Magazine. Spend the couple extra bucks and get it on a bagel, and wash it down with some fresh-squeezed juice.

Island Style Tacos
Island Style Tacos

Island-style Cuban steak

Rum House

If you think red meat is better with pineapple, Rum House’s Cuban steak is your new go-to dish, marinated in ginger and soy and topped with cornbread dressing. For those missing the tortilla, there’s always the calypso beef tacos, made with flank steak, guacamole, and lime cream.

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