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The Best Pizza Places in New Orleans

Updated On 10/13/2017 at 05:55PM EST Updated On 10/13/2017 at 05:55PM EST
Pizza Delicious

Pizza Delicious


The best Big Apple-style pies you'll find in the Big Easy
You wouldn’t set yourself up for failure by putting the word “delicious” in your restaurant name unless you were really, really confident in your product. And Pizza Delicious’s massive, foldable slices deliver on the implicit promise in the pizzeria’s name. Get classic or vegan pizza by the slice or whole pie at this casual counter-serve joint in Bywater and wash it down with a pitcher of PBR.



Central Business District

Caviar-caliber pies at anchovy prices in a sleek hotel space
Yes, this John Besh-helmed, James Beard Award-winning restaurant is upscale, but its legendary happy hour boasts some of the cheapest (and most delicious) eats in New Orleans. The restaurant’s wood oven-fired gourmet pies all are half price from 3pm to 5pm daily, as are well drinks and select beers and wines. Just don’t slip up and order sparkling water when the preternaturally attractive server offers that option -- it’s expensive! Take note: PIZZA Domenica is a more casual Uptown sibling of the CBD original.

Paladar 511

Paladar 511


Fancy California-style pies in an industrial-chic warehouse
People of the crust-punk persuasion and their ilk are still pissed that a fancy pizza restaurant opened in this warehouse, which formerly housed a community bike shop and anarchist book collective. (“New Orleans is over,” sniffed a friend upon learning a neighboring squat was being converted into pricey lofts.) There’s not much of the collective to recognize in Paladar 511’s high wood-plank ceilings, crystal chandeliers and lath-wrapped counters, but these elements do make an appropriately bougie backdrop for New Orleans’ bougie-est pizza: thin-crusted, dinner plate-sized, California-style pies, including one with house-made lamb sausage and pine nuts.

Vieux Carre Pizza

French Quarter

Cheesy, greasy slices to satisfy late-night munchies
You know that saying about how there’s no such thing as bad sex or bad pizza? Well, file Vieux Carre Pizza in the same inadvisable-but-irresistible category as that one-night stand you met at Snake and Jake’s. You can grab pizza by the slice or whole pie until 4:30am on weekends (3am weekdays) at this casual French Quarter spot. Basic toppings range from pepperoni to chicken pesto, and the crust is Pizza Hut-thick, but you could do far, far worse when it comes to drunk food.



Garden District

Homegrown pizza joint with dim lighting and cozy booth seating
When Slice opened in 2004, New Orleans’ pizza scene was limited, to say the least. Slice was one of the first local purveyors to sell pizza by... yep, the slice. It’s since been eclipsed by the newer, flashier pizza joints on this list, but with hand-tossed crusts, cayenne-laced tomato sauce, and Wisconsin mozzarella cheese, Slice pizzas can still give any artisanal pies a run for their money.

New York Pizza


Dive bar with greasy, thin-crust pizza and cheap prices
Yes, there’s a corny miniature Statue of Liberty outside. Yes, there may be gruesome and disturbing nature documentaries showing on the flat-screen TV. But yes, New York Pizza turns out a pretty decent pie and has a cult following, thanks in part to the fact the $5 gets you both a slice and a pint of beer. Dinner doesn’t get better than that.

MIdway Pizza

Midway Pizza


Chicago-style pies in a family-friendly setting
What do you do when the kids are screaming for pizza, but you just want to drink and watch the Saints game at a bar? Midway Pizza is what you do. Topped with house-made sauce, the deep-dish pizza is a crowd-pleaser, and there’s a killer list of local drafts, too.