Pizza Delicious & Company Burger Have Your New Favorite NOLA Mash-Up


While we admittedly have dreams about Company Burger’s squishy, toasted buns that are so readily primed for standing up to the medium-rare juiciness and melted cheese, we’re ready to admit that even perfection can be improved upon. In a stroke of greasy genius, Bywater slice powerhouse Pizza Delicious and the burger crew at Company Burger have married the New York-style pepperoni pie with the now-famous American cheese and onion-topped double-patty stack. 

Here’s how the Pizzurger works: The pizza team bakes their cult-favorite pies, then delivers them Uptown to Company Burger. Here, the pies are cut into bun-sized rounds and thrown on the griddle alongside the patties. When the burgers are cooked through, they are added to one pizza round, topped with the other, and delivered to you. That is, if you’re lucky enough to catch Company Burger’s announcements of the special. Follow them on Instagram to get a head’s up, but in the meantime, let our video satiate your mash-up needs. 

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