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The 13 Best Breakfast Spots in New Orleans

Published On 05/14/2015 Published On 05/14/2015
Riccobono's Panola Street Cafe
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Wakin' Bakin'
Courtesy of Biscuits and Buns on Banks
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Gracious Bakery
Cake Cafe & Bakery
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1. Riccobono’s Panola St. Café 7801 Panola St, New Orleans, LA 70118 (Uptown)

If you’re looking to start the day with a hearty, lumberjack-style breakfast, Panola St. is the place you should be headed. Overstuffed triple-egg omelettes, huge stacks of pancakes, Belgian waffles, and generous Benedicts are the hallmark here. And hey, if you want liver and onions, you can get that, too.

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2. The Camellia Grill 626 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118 (Uptown)

While you’re in New Orleans, you can’t miss out on brunch at the Camellia Grill, a landmark southern comfort diner around since 1946. The dizzying menu offers eggs, omelettes, waffles and pancakes, chili, hamburgers and cheeseburgers, French fries, cold sandwiches, hot sandwiches, soups, salads, and desserts. Servers sport vintage uniforms and transport you back to a simpler time, when calories no longer stop you from getting one of Camellia’s famous freezes (milkshakes) and you have no reservations about getting a chocolate pecan pie with a double scoop of ice cream.

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3. Wakin' Bakin' 4408 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119 (Mid City)

Mid-City is basically *the* go-to place for breakfast in New Orleans, and Wakin’ Bakin’ was one of the first spots to contribute to this wonderful phenomenon. The cheddar sliders with eggs and bacon are awesome, as are the “Pancrepes & Pork.” That’s right: Pancrepes! But wait! There's more! It delivers beginning at 7am. But beware: if you miss the doorbell, you'll be put on the "Wall of Shame."

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4. Biscuits and Buns on Banks 4337 Banks St, New Orleans, LA 70119 (Mid City)

Located on Banks St, Biscuits and Buns serves both biscuits AND buns, if you didn't already figure that out. Truth be told, those biscuits are pretty fantastic (especially when packed with slow-cooked brisket), but don’t overlook the chicken & waffles, as well as more refined fare like shrimp étouffée over creamy grits.

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5. Toast 5433 Laurel St, New Orleans, LA 70118 (Uptown)

This Uptown breakfast resto might have a bland name, but the menu is anything but, with upscale offerings like croque madam, sweet and savory crepes, specialty omelettes, and of course, toast (made with house-made brioche).

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6. Elizabeth's 601 Gallier St, New Orleans, LA 70117-6217 (Bywater)

Elizabeth’s in Bywater is a quintessential New Orleans breakfast spot, mostly because it cooks up some magical praline bacon (you really, really don’t want to miss this), but also because of the always-friendly servers who present said praline bacon inside the colorful, local art-filled space. The breakfast po-boys are noteworthy, too, and place bacon, egg, and cheese on fresh French bread. At dinnertime, you can expect Southern specialties like fried chicken, catfish, and a grilled seafood mix with scallops, Gulf fish, and BBQ shrimp.

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7. Slim Goodies Diner 3322 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115 (Magazine St)

There’s a line out the door of this Magazine Street eatery every morning, and it’s no surprise: locals and tourists alike recognize that Slim Goodies Diner is a breakfast haven. The neighborhood haunt (complete with plush red leather booths and polaroid photographs of regulars and famous folk tacked onto art-laden walls) marries bold Cajun flavor with breakfast staples, resulting in satisfying plates like the Creole slammer, a glorious stack of perfectly crisped hash browns dressed with crawfish étouffée, two eggs, and a biscuit, because you’re going to want to soak up every last spoonful. Many items can be made gluten-free or vegetarian too, so everyone can get their “swamp power” on regardless of dietary needs.

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8. DISTRICT: Donuts. Sliders. Brew. 2209 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130 (Garden District)

As the name implies, DISTRICT excels at coffee, sliders, and donuts, all while making innovative changes to each. In lieu of your average breakfast sandwich, expect "croquenuts" (a hybrid of a croque madame and a donut) or bacon & egg on a miso-praline biscuit. Donuts, meanwhile, range from the simple glazed and cinnamon sugar to the more unconventional Sriracha-maple, candied thyme, and cereal & milk. While you could pair your sugary goodies with a basic brew, we suggest you opt for house staples like Vietnamese cold brew or the "Sproca-Cola," a winning combination of cola, espresso, and chocolate milk.

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9. Stein's Market & Deli 2207 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70130

This deli & market in NOLA's Lower Garden District offers traditional and specialty sandwiches, including breakfast sandwiches (on Davidovich bagels straight from NYC) all day. Stein's also sells a huge selection of cured meats and salamis, over 50 cheeses from around the world, and a massive selection of domestic & international craft beers.

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10. Gracious Bakery + Cafe 1000 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy, New Orleans, LA 70125 (Mid City)

Gracious serves its custom blends, as well as offering single-origin coffee beans for its simple, but well-executed coffee and espresso menu. Order an Americano to go with the bakery’s homemade, upscale meatloaf sandwich (one of at least a eight to nine rotating selections) or one of its many sweet pastries, cookies, tartlets, or cupcakes.

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11. Manhattanjack 4930 Prytania St. , New Orleans, 70115 (Uptown)

Manhattanjack serves up gooey, sweet chocolates, confections, and baked goods (including sammies) without the guilt. All of the products are made using original recipes with natural and local ingredients, so you can indulge and throw around the whole, "it's natural" excuse.

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12. Cake Cafe & Bakery 2440 Chartres St, New Orleans, LA 70117 (Bywater)

This coffee shop gathers locals and tourists alike with breakfast sandwiches, omelettes, and crispy croissants. The small orange-colored seating area is awash with portraits of local legends and landscape scenery -- it's no wonder this space functions as a community meeting point.

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13. Stanley 547 Saint Ann St, New Orleans, LA 70116 (French Quarter)

Chef Scott Boswell may have sadly shuttered the wonderful Stella!, but thankfully he’s still helming the equally tasty Stanley, where you can get elegant, signature breakfast items all day. Ever crave Bananas Foster French Toast? A Benedict topped with fried oysters (“Eggs Stanley”)? Or even an eggs Benedict Poor Boy? If yes -- and really, it should be a sincere yes -- run, don’t walk, to Stanley.



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