The best po' boy spot in 16 New Orleans 'hoods

Here’s the situation: you’re in New Orleans. First, good for you! You’ve made a wise decision to visit a magical town filled with wonderful and delicious things. So naturally, now you need a po' boy sandwich. The question is, what’s the best po' boy shop in the neighborhood you’re in RIGHT NOW? Not to worry: we've got you covered -- here are the best po' boy shops in the Big Easy, and the neighborhoods in which they live...

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Domilise's Po-Boys (address and info)
Of all the po' boy shops that get slapped with the badge of “longtime local institution”, Domilise’s makes the top of the list. The family that runs the place batters each batch of shrimp, oysters, or catfish TO ORDER, so it’s always hot and fresh.
What you’re getting: The half-and-half (shrimp and oyster)

Parkway Bakery and Tavern
Facebook/Parkway Bakery and Tavern


Parkway Bakery and Tavern (address and info)
Whether or not you like our current POTUS, this was the place the commander in chief went for a po' boy when he was in Mid-City. Locals are inclined to agree with the president’s choice...
​What you’re getting: Overstuffed fried shrimp

Killer Poboys
Facebook/Killer Poboys

French Quarter

Killer Poboys (address and info)
Of all the places to satisfy your po' boy jones in the Quarters, Killer Poboys is the one to beat. Head to the back of the Erin Rose bar to sample its elegant riffs on the classic NOLA sandwich, which take Killer’s offerings to the next level.
What you’re getting: Glazed Pork Belly with rum ginger, cane syrup, lime slaw, and garlic aioli

Parran's Po-Boys of Metairie
Facebook/Parran's Po-Boys of Metairie

New Metairie

Parran’s Po-Boys & Restaurant (address and info)
While, technically speaking, Parran’s seafood muff isn’t a po' boy exactly, it is several pounds of fried shrimp, catfish, oysters, and crawfish dressed in po' boy fashion (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and “my-nez”) and piled into a muffuletta loaf instead of French bread. 
What you’re getting: The Seafood Muffuletta

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R & O's (address and info)
If there is a platonic ideal of what the roast beef po' boy should be, you’ll find it at R & O’s out in Bucktown, right by the lake. The gravy is exceptionally dark and rich (you will need many napkins), the beef is chopped short (not sliced) and slowly simmered to tender perfection, and it’s served on seeded Leidenheimer French bread. 
What you’re getting: Roast beef, dressed

The Galley
Facebook/The Galley Seafood Restaurant

Old Metairie

The Galley (address and info)
Is there anything manlier than eating an entire animal, battered and deep fried, on a sandwich? Answer: no. There isn’t. The Galley is the go-to stall for soft-shell po' boys at Jazz Fest, but you don’t have to wait for the “fess” to try it. Head to Old Metairie, and you will not be disappointed.
What you’re getting: The fried soft-shell crab po' boy

Dong Phuong
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New Orleans East

Dong Phuong Oriental Bakery (address and info)
When longtime bakery Dong Phuong made the excellent decision to market its banh mi as a “Vietnamese Po-boy”, it wasn’t long before locals started flocking to Eastern NOLA, and for good reason. 
What you’re getting: The “Vietnamese Po-boy”

Melba's Old School Po Boys
Facebook/Melba's Old School Po Boys


Melba's (address and info)
The combination of German and Acadian traditions in South Louisiana means that we love our sausage, and we know a thing or two about it (hot boudin, anyone?). If you’re hungry, a hot -- read “spicy” -- sausage po' boy is a sure bet for sandwich satisfaction, and Melba’s does it just right.
What you’re getting: Hot Sausage Po Boy

Koz's Restaurant
Facebook/Koz's Restaurant


Koz's (address and info)
What’s better than a ham po' boy? A FRIED ham po' boy, of course!  And you’ll find it at Koz’s over in Lakeview (they also have a location in Harahan, if you’re out that way).  
What you’re getting: Fried Ham Po Boy

Facebook/Cafe 615 Home of Da Wabbit

West Bank/Gretna

Café 615 Home of Da Wabbit (address and info)
There is a wonderful substance that is created when mayonnaise, tomatoes, hot sauce, and roast beef gravy combine, and it can usually be found at first on a po' boy, and then dripping down your arm toward your elbows. This is how you know you’ve found po' boy perfection, as can be experienced at “Da Wabbit".
What you’re getting: Sloppy Roast Beef

Jack Dempsey's
Scott Gold


Jack Dempsey’s (address and info)
There are surprisingly few po' boy options in the hipster-filled Bywater, so thank goodness for Jack Dempsey’s. It'll do you right with a baller mac and cheese, and also solid po' boys, including fried redfish, an option you won’t easily find at other sandwich shops around town.
What you’re getting: Fried Redfish Po-Boy

Mid-City Seafood
Scott Gold

7th Ward/Treme

Mid-City Seafood & Deli (address and info)
While its name implies it to be in Mid-City, this neighborhood spot is more accurately placed in the 7th Ward, and locals love it for its fresh, seasonal seafood, which they are happy to fry until gloriously golden and load up on some French bread.
What you’re getting: Fried seafood po' boy (duh)

Pontchartrain Po'Boys
Facebook/Pontchartrain Po'Boys

North Shore

Pontchartrain Po-Boys (address and info)
If you find yourself North of the lake, having traversed the Causeway (once known as the “longest bridge in the world), make your way over to Pontchartrain Po-Boys, where you’ll find a po' boy version of poutine: French fries drenched in gravy and topped with cheese.
​What you’re getting: French Fried Potatoes & Gravy with cheese

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