Since you had a terrible stomach ache all of February after you ate all those chocolate boxes you...r girlfriend, yeah, your girlfriend bought you, we've put together this list of 10 epic restaurants/bars/brewpubs that opened up in February, and… hey, HEY! Put down the chocolates and listen, man.

Hinomaru Lucky Cat (click here for address and deets)
You can never have enough go-to ramen spots, so you may as well add newly opened Lucky Cat to the list, which'll hook you up with tonkatsu broth'd goodness, as well as their specialty -- the "fire ball" with chili, chicken, pork, and fish broth. Also, try the miso. It somehow has more than 30 different ingredients.

Andrew Zimmer

Dirck The Norseman (click here for address and deets)
We've been looking forward to this for months, and it's finally here. Created by the team behind Brouwerij Lane, this brew pub (Brooklyn's first!) is an industrial looking beer hall pumping out hearty goods -- like beef brisket and chicken schnitzel -- while they brew beer in the back.

Moscow 57

Moscow 57 (click here for address and deets)
This deep-red Russian resto comes via the daughter of the owners of the Russian Tea Room, and features small plates of Russian and Central Asian eats (caviar, pomegranate lamb chops, crawfish boiled in beer, Chicken Kiev...), infused vodkas (pink peppercorn, Buffalo grass, coriander...), and badass live music.

Bar 54

Bar 54 (click here for address and deets)
It's New York's highest rooftop lounge (not that kind of highest), and features a completely legit cocktail menu, thanks to one of the best mixologists around, Julie Reiner (Flatiron Lounge, Clover Club), who's doing stuff like the Santana's Sour loaded with cilantro, jalapeño, and tequila.

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette

El Rey Coffee Bar & Luncheonette (click here for address and deets)
With offerings like duck confit and house-made hand pies, cashew grits, 18hr-braised pork, almond praline brownies, plenty of coffee, and and and and beer, this combo coffee shop and eatery is bringing its SoCal garden fresh steez to the neighborhood.


Untamed Sandwiches (click here for address and deets)
This braised-meat sandwichery is now feeding the Midtown masses, with bread-stuffers like the "Hot Goldie", a beef brisket joint topped with red onion, sweet-and-sour cabbage & black pepper aioli, and "The Butt" with cider-braised pork butt, broccoli rabe, pepper jelly, Dijon mustard, and sharp cheddar.

Joy Jacobs

Chicane (click here for address and deets)
As close as you're going to get to the French Riviera this Winter (or possibly ever), this new charmer is doing specialities from that region, like Barbajuans (basically a deep-fried pastry), hanger steak, and crispy calamari with fried herbs.

Daniel Krieger

Gallaghers (click here for address and deets)
After closing down for a renovation/watermelon-smashing party, Gallagher's is back and slinging a raw bar and steaks for four, joining the ranks with the best of NYC steakhouses again.

1 Knickerbocker

1 Knickerbocker (click here for address and deets)
This Chris Childs-loving, contemporary American barstaurant is plating upscale pub food, including mock turtle soup with sweetbread and oysters, a chicken-sausage Scotch egg, and a crispy pork cheek with brown-butter carrot puree and rye berries.

Campeon (click here for address and deets)
Union Square
They claim to be New York's best sports bar and Mexican restaurant, and they're also female-focused, so get down there ASAP for over 70 tequilas, lots of pink, wings stuffed with ghost peppers (!!!) called the Nuclear Option, and plenty of sports.

Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor, and enjoys going out to as many new restaurants as possible. He also enjoys going to old restaurants, cooking at home, ordering in, and pretty much eating in general. Follow him as he does so, on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
1. Hinomaru Lucky Cat 232 E 53rd St, New York, NY 10022 (Midtown East)

This Midtown East haunt dishes out some of the best ramen in the city by using only the freshest ingredients and 10 different toppings to suit anyone's taste.

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2. Chicane 430 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 (Soho)

This SoHo resto is incredibly stylish, in addition to serving delicious French fare. And if you don't know when to go, their dinner and brunch are their best bets.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
3. Gallaghers Steakhouse 228 W 52nd St, New York, NY 10019 (Midtown)

This iconic restaurant has occupied West 52nd St since 1927, offering a tantalizing classic cocktail list and some of the best steaks (USDA prime dry-aged) in the city. Gallaghers started as a speakeasy before expanding into a Theater District steakhouse in the ‘30s. Its dry-aging process is on full display when you walk in -- a windowed view into its famed meat locker is the first thing you see -- and you’ll quickly notice the decor is heavy on nostalgia, thanks to countless black and white celebrity and sports star photos decking the walls.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
4. 1 Knickerbocker 1 Knickerbocker Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Located in the heart of Bushwick, 1 Knickerbocker resto and bar is fashioned to look like an old-time NYC establishment and features unique culinary and cocktail programs at affordable prices.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
5. Moscow 57 168 1/2 Delancey St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)

This LES resto serves up tasty Russian and Central Asian cuisine and features live music (a mix of blues, folk, world music, and jazz).

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
6. Bar 54 135 W 45th St, New York, NY 10036 (Midtown)

Located at the Hyatt Times Square, Bar 54 is a luxurious roof-top lounge that features some of the most stunning views in the city.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
7. Dirck the Norseman 7 N 15th St, Brooklyn, NY 11222

This spacious Brooklyn haunt features an industrial-looking interior and serves the likes of brisket, pig knuckles, and other tasty options, as well as excellent beers.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
8. El Rey Coffee Bar 100 Stanton St, New York, NY 10002 (Lower East Side)

This LES coffee shop is brewing up some seriously unique flavors, strong drinks, and relaxing vibes.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
9. Untamed Sandwiches 43 W 39th St, New York, NY 10018 (Midtown West)

This sandwichery is doling out impressive eats, all hilariously named. Try the Butt, or Hot Goldie.

Previous Venue Next Venue Venue Description
10. Campeon 9 E 16th St, New York, NY 10003 (Union Square)

Tequila enthusiasts and football fans alike are lured to Campeon, a Mexican mezcaleria-slash-sports bar off of Union Square Park. The neon-bedecked venue is organized around a long bar and is split between a front area with full-length banquettes and a more secluded back dining room. TVs line the entire space, meaning you don't have to huddle around a packed bar to see the winning field goal. Margaritas rule the drink menu while spicy guacamole, taquitos, and tacos are a welcome change from the mozzarella sticks and onion rings that make up standard bar food menus. That said, there are plenty of wings to go around.



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