P.J. Clarke's answer to fast-casual burgers

After over a century and a half of being nice enough to let you eat cheeseburgers next to rich and famous people, P.J. Clarke's has opened the Standard, a counter-ordering, "upscale quick-service restaurant" doing burgers, dogs, and more in a butcher shop-ish space with jars of pickles and vintage burgerphemera everywhere

All meat mounds are made with fresh-ground red Angus. Just like its namesake, this Cadillac is big, American, and pink, if you want it that way. It's topped with cheddar, smoked bacon, and their Standard sauce

Here's the Brooklyn Au Poivre w/ cracked pepper sauce, Farmer's Gouda, savory onions, and nicely anthropomorphized "Jimmy Peppers"

All burgers come on these semi-hard "St Joseph's Rolls" that're exclusive to CS

Tubular meat makes an appearance in some inventive ways, including this Viet-spired Banh Mi Dog with shredded veggies & Sriracha mayo

This bad boy's topped with cheese and "Butcher's Chili" that's sure to inspire some manner of arterial block

Sides include sweet potato fries, chili cheese fries, and this take on cheesy tater tots topped with Parm

No stupid tiny packets here -- just keep pumping brown mustard, Sir Kensington's first foray into mayo, and root beer BBQ sauce

They've got their own Dixie cup-style ice creams in flavors like salted caramel and malted chocolate, as well as limited-time joints like cinnamon donut, which'll disappear when it's no longer time to make it

And if you're there after work, or are just a lunchtime badass, snag a draft brew

The burgers, not the gnome. The gnome is cool with everyone.