A crazy tropical dance party in Bushwick

Started by "an elite group of gorgeous geniuses" (so... The Baby-Sitters Club?) who're vets of the DIY rave scene (285 Kent, Trip House, so... not The Baby-Sitter's Club), BNCC is a "tropical fantasy dance oasis" that redid a former Mexican gambling hall, adding a Miami vibe that shuns the whole "antiqued, reclaimed wood, rye whiskey thing" going on in North Brooklyn

The DJ lineup will feature spinners who would "normally never be playing in a place this small", and will pump tunes through a sound system imported from London that's "10X louder than they ever need it to be"

Take a tip from this coconut and deck yourself out in at least two pairs of sunglasses. There's no door policy, so the crowd will be free to get "more festive" than at other spots. There will be seapunks. Bring your blue hair

Tropical cocktails made with fresh-squeezed juice include the Bon Bagay with rum, pineapple, lime, and mint, plus this Flamingo rocking vodka, watermelon juice, and honey

A Lionshead and a shot will run you just $5, and the until-10p happy hour takes $2 off every thing everything night of the week. Stop trying to steal that Pacifico tap handle, Seapunks

They claim to be the only place in the States where you can score Club-Mate, a highly caffeinated yerba mate soda big in the Berlin club scene. Drink it "if you don't want to do a bunch of sh*tty [one drug] or [another drug] but still stay up all night"

Need some fresh air? Just join the four-eyed panther in their backyard

Candles are made from only the finest Lucky Gypsies in all of Bushwick.