Whether you're, um, celebrating or not, these places rule

This Saturday is 4/20, which just happens to be the very special day that... Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament! And man, people sure love to eat food on the day Oliver Cromwell dissolved the Rump Parliament. With that in mind, we rounded up 21 spots that will fry, grill, and, um, smoke your munchies away

Little Muenster, 100 Stanton St Super-fancy grilled cheese and regular-fancy homemade potato chips

Landhaus, 808b Union St, Brooklyn That's right: bacon on a stick

Baohaus, 238 E 14th St They should build actual houses out of these things

JoeDough, 135 1st Ave They actually have something here called "The Stoner's Delight". No idea how that involves Cromwell, though

The Chip Shop at Eastwood, 200 Clinton St Fried fish and '90s music. Even Candlebox sounds good on 4/20

Sticky's Finger Joint, 31 W 8th St Grab some insane chicken fingers that may or may not have been "glitterbanged"

Smorgasburg If you don't get paranoid in crowds, this is the move

Dos Toros, Multiple Locations If you look at them really closely, burritos kinda look like lava lamps, right

Barn Joo, 893 Broadway This place has fried chicken and a full moon on the ceiling, for staring purposes

Slide, 174 Bleecker St Expect a ton of mini-burgers, cannolis, and milkshakes crazier than that day you watched Ski Patrol 30 times in a row even though it's an hour and a half, and an hour and a half times thirty is, like, a million hours

The Meatball Shop, Multiple Locations Overly satisfying eats and menus you can draw on? Nice

Sweet Chick, 164 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn It's not just the fried chicken, it's also the jerky dust, Purple Drank, and hipster bowling trophies. And the fried chicken


Stix, 112 E 23rd St Other things on a stick

Jeepney, 201 1st Ave It's named after a party bus

This Little Piggy, 149 1st Ave Just look at that

Burger Bistro, 1663 First Ave Come on

Ducks Eatery, 351 E 12th St Brisket, delicious brisket. Also beef jerky, delicious beef jerky

Bobwhite, 94 Ave C Sometimes there's nothing better than fried chicken and a pork chop sandwich

Action Burger, 292 Graham Ave So you already have an Xbox at home, but do you also have giant stuffed burgers

Two-Bit's Retro Arcade, 153 Essex St Snacks, 40s, and vintage arcade games sound pretty much like... what you were going to be doing anyway on this crazy Rump Parliament-repealing day.