This pickup truck has an ENTIRE pizza place on its flatbed

All Photos: Pizza Luca

Way back in May of 2012, we were nice enough to inform you about Pizza Luca, an on-the-go pizza-slinger that dishes out seriously good pizza from the flatbed of its truck. Well, now they've got a totally tricked-out second truck -- a sexy, cobalt ‘52 Chevy that has an actual wood-burning oven, except this one also has four walls and a roof around it. Literally, the flatbed of the truck is its own pizza place.

They're doing Napoletana-style pies out of the back, ranging from a Bianca pie (mozzarella di bufala, EVOO, fresh garlic, fresh basil & Sicilian sea salt) to a Filetti (cherry tomatoes, mozzarella di bufala, EVOO, fresh garlic, fresh basil & Sicilian sea salt). Basically, anything you're chowing down on is going to be super crispy, delicious, and... made with Sicilian sea salt. Keep your eyes peeled!

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