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Head to Jersey for a General Tso's Chicken Sandwich With a Sticky Rice Bun

There are thousands of ways to make a sandwich, but one thing remains fairly constant: the bread. At The Speakeatery in Asbury Park, NJ, the chefs have ditched standard sandwich slices in favor of buns made out of unexpected ingredients, like stuffing or sticky rice.

The Speakeatery’s Thanksgiving Sandwich is like an entire Thanksgiving dinner in portable form, held together by stuffing that is molded into the shape of a bun and fried until golden brown. Inside, you’ll find turkey coated with bacon gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, and cranberry aioli that gives the sandwich a light pink pop of color.

The restaurant has also transformed General Tso’s Chicken into a sandwich made with a heaping piece of chicken coated with house-made General Tso’s sauce and Asian slaw, sandwiched between two sticky rice buns.

To find out more about how these unique sandwiches are made, check out the video above.

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Ciera Velarde is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who would love to replace all her bread with sticky rice buns. Follow her on Instagram.