How Bareburger Is Completely Changing the Burger Game


The most-talked-about new burger in New York is missing one key ingredient -- meat -- but don’t go calling it a veggie burger.

Bareburger, a New York-based burger chain, has always been keen on ethically sourced, organic ingredients, and its newest creation takes those factors to a whole new level. The Impossible Burger comes from Impossible Foods, a Silicon Valley start-up known for its meat-free collabs with Momofuku Nishi, Saxon + Parole, and other restaurants in NYC and beyond. While New Yorkers have been on a meat-free burger kick for some time now (see Superiority Burger and by CHLOE) Bareburger’s Impossible Burger is a total game-changer in that it’s completely indistinguishable from Bareburger’s regular meat burgers. Despite the fact that it uses an organic, plant-based patty, it looks, cooks, smells, and, somehow even tastes exactly like beef.

The patty, which was tirelessly designed to have the same texture and consistency of beef, even arrives red in the middle when cooked medium-rare and is mouthwateringly juicy. The secret is a plant chemical called heme, which is full of iron and causes the burger to “bleed.” Topped with melted cheese and all the usual fixings, the burger is enough to convince even a die-hard beef fanatic they’re not eating plants.

The Impossible Burger is currently only available at Bareburger’s Laguardia Place location. To find out more about it, check out the video above.

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Tanner Saunders is an Editorial Burger Assistant at Thrillist. Follow him on Instagram.