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The 11 Best Bacon Dishes in NYC

As some old saying probably goes "All bacon, is good bacon." For all those days/nights/afternoons/early mornings/mid-mornings/any-mornings-really when you want better than good, though, there are these: the 11 best bacon dishes in NYC.

Bacon Loves Lobster Roll

Bar Bacon (address and info)
Hell’s Kitchen
This place specializes in bacon. Like, really specializes. It has a bacon tasting, an all day sausage, bacon, egg & cheese, and a bacon banh mi. Oh right, and THIS: a lobster roll mixed with hunks of bacon. Game, set, bacon match.

Side of bacon

Peter Luger Steakhouse (address and info)
Extra-thick, extra-sizzling, this is the model for steakhouse bacons around the world.

Maple bacon on a stick

Landhaus/Landhaus at the Woods
Have you ever thought about how much fun eating would be if everything you loved just came on a stick like this thick, sweet-yet-savory mass of delicious pork? You are now.

Bowl of bacon

Whiskey Tavern (address and info)
Things that pair excellently with getting weird at this Downtown party spot: a big damn bowl of bacon with dipping sides of maple syrup or bleu cheese. And pickle backs.


The Wayland (address and info)
Alphabet City
This most simple of sandwich creations is taken to new, bacon-y heights at this top-notch cocktail bar thanks to double-smoked pork belly (aka mad-thick bacon) that’s been slow cooked in apple cider, bourbon, and maple syrup, then topped with roma tomatoes, frisee, and rosemary mayo on country bread.

Thrice-cooked bacon

Mission Chinese Food (address and info)
Lower East Side
This restaurant is hot shit right now, and will be for the foreseeable future -- but with good reasons, one of which is this spicy dish loaded with bacon tossed in a wok and dressed up with Shanghai rice cakes, bitter melon, and sweet tofu skins.

Bacon peanut brittle

The Redhead (address and info)
East Village
Someday scientists from the dystopian future -- when all they eat are kale capsules and sorghum pellets -- will come back, find some fossilized peanut brittle from this Southern East Village favorite, and genetically engineer delicious vintage pigs that everyone will go crazy for. In the present, though, you don’t have to wait for science to eat this  crunchy, meaty, peanut-y sweet bar snack.

Bacon Caesar roll

Cherry Izakaya (address and info)
Whoever decided to start putting bacon in sushi form should be given some sort of special Nobel Bacon Prize award. And whoever makes a bacon, egg, and cheese sushi roll should be elected president.

Maple bacon Brussels sprouts

Snowday (address and info)
Various locations
Not only does this new food truck give back by employing formerly incarcerated youth, but this winner of the Vendys Rookie of the Year award makes a bomb bacon dish. Everything here is made with maple syrup and the Brussels sprouts are also studded with bacon, like all vegetables should be. And while it’s not a bacon dish, you should definitely still get this with the grilled cheese.

Courtesy of Brooklyn Flea

Asian bacon sandwich

Rise & Swine (address and info)
This brand-new vendor at Smorgas (one of many awesome new options, actually) is Bringing It On: In It to Win It with a series of “breakfast sandwiches” featuring home-cured bacon, including this bad boy that adds pink peppercorn and aged soy to the bacon and tops it with avocado, quick-pickled cucumber, pickled ginger, and lap chong sausage.

Tsunami or Spicy Redneck

Crif Dogs (address and info)
East Village
We’re giving it to two of them here, because at the heart of these the real “bacon dish” is the bacon-wrapped hot dog, which is used in pretty much all of this subterranean doghouse's offerings. Also it’s pretty much a matter of taste for our two favorites here -- either you prefer spicy, chili- and slaw-covered dogs, or a somehow refreshing teriyaki and pineapple-covered joint. These are the two best though -- sorry Jon-Jon Deragon fans, no arguments.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist’s NYC Editor and bacon is his muse. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

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