Alphabet City

Black Market (address and info)

Simple and consistently spot on, the burger at this cocktail/oyster/burger bar is probably what you think of when you want a cheeseburger: American cheese and bacon laid out on a Pat LaFrieda blend patty and sandwiched between a toasted roll.

Battery Park

Umami Burger (address and info)

Created in the flavor labs of Cali, this ever-expanding import's branch in Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place is pushing out epicness like the famed Umami truffle burger (pictured above) and the Manly Burger, with beer cheddar (!) and bacon lardons (! again).

Saxon + Parole


Saxon + Parole (address and info)

It's actually literally AND FIGURATIVELY impossible to not enjoy something topped with an egg, maple bacon, and Havarti. Especially if it's a dry-aged burger, like theirs totally is.

Red Cat


Red Cat (address and info)

This standby spot does a lot of things right and one of them is the Dirty Burger with VT cheddar, grilled onions, a fried egg, and no actual dirt.


Breakroom (address and info)

You're probably not in Chinatown for burgers, but if you are (dude, we already said you probably aren't, why are you pressing this?), this spot's got messy goodness like the namesake burger topped with confit crispy pork belly, fried onion halves, a runny egg, jalapeños, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles.


East Village

Brindle Room (address and info)

The Steakhouse Burger is one of our favorite burgers in the whole damn country, go here ASAP.

Flickr/ Ole Reissmann

Financial District

Zaitzeff (address and info)

Set between a Portuguese bun, the go-to offers up quarter- and half-pound Kobe and sirloin burgers made with grass-fed beef from small farms in Washington and Oregon.

Shake Shack


Shake Shack (address and info)

It's the standard by which all other fast casual burgers are judged. Also, they have a secret menu.


Gramercy Tavern (address and info)

Their burger is available off-menu in the Tavern only while supplies last during lunch, and it's worth making sure the supplies are still lasting: brisket, short rib, and chuck beef blended and draped in clothbound cheddar and house-made bacon, all presented with scratch-made duck fat fries.

Flickr/Wally Gobetz

Greenwich Village

Minetta Tavern (address and info)

The OG dry-aged burger -- the Black Label -- is a thing of (albeit expensive) beauty, topped with griddled onions and served on a brioche bun. It's worth the hype.

Harlem Shake


Harlem Shake (address and info)

The classic burger at this '50s diner-inspired joint, with two smashed patties, onions, pickles, and special sauce, is no joke. Nor is their Pigskin Classic, topped with fried pork rinds.

Andrew Zimmer

Hell's Kitchen

Genuine Roadside (address and info)

Don't get distracted by the excellent ramen or hot dogs nearby in Gotham West Market -- head straight to this Americana-inspired spot and get the Super Duper Stack Burger, which is two patties topped with American cheese, sweet pickles, and house sauce.

Herald Square

Keens Steakhouse (address and info)

Although much better known for their steakhouse, mutton chops, ceiling pipes, and badass tiger paintings, Keens' bar actually has a damn fine burger. If you're in the area and not down to house an entire steak, this is a solid choice.


Piper's Kilt (address and info)

Sometimes you just need a top-notch bar burger, and this Irish pub delivers. The move is the Eastchester Burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and a side of chili.

Randolph Beer

Little Italy

Randolph Beer (address and info)

Get it all "dolph'd" up with cheddar, smoked bacon, fried egg, cilantro, and sambal aioli, then get yourself all "dolph'd" up with a bunch of their top-notch brews.

Chuck George

Lower East Side

The Fat Radish (address and info)

Topped with aged cheddar, substantial bacon cuts, lettuce, and tomato, this bad boy is 60% ground sirloin and 40% dry-aged short rib resting on a nice brioche. There's a reason they're not called "Skinny Radish," and this is it.

Bill's Bar & Burger

Meatpacking District

Bill's Bar & Burger (address and info)

About as classic as it comes, their "secret blend" of meat is topped with American and bacon on a toasted sesame bun. Go ahead and double up on the patties, it'll feel right.

P.J. Clarke's

Midtown East

P.J. Clarke's (address and info)

It's a storied classic for a reason, and it still delivers.

Andrew Zimmer

Midtown West

Burger Joint (address and info)

"Hidden" behind a few curtains at Le Parker Meridien, this joint has simple burgers, with the only topping options being standards like pickles, onions, ketchup, and the like. Oh, and get a gloriously greasy bag of fries while you're at it.

Morningside Heights

Mel's Burger Bar (address and info)

Along with the old-school vibes they've also got a roster of burgers that should be able to sate your appetite, including a four cheese on a potato bun, Mel's double double with cheese, and the Widowmaker, topped with mac & cheese.

Murray Hill

Resto (address and info)

One of the best spots in the neighborhood period, Resto's got a burger that gets down with Gruyere, a fried egg, mayo, and of course, frites.

Mile End


Mile End (address and info)

There are many distractions here, but try to focus in on the smoked meat burger topped with mustard-mayo, a fried egg, and American cheese.

Andrew Zimmer


The Cleveland (address and info)

This personal favorite of ours is a take on In-N-Out's Animal Style with a 15-day-aged blend of sirloin, chuck, and short rib from Pat LaFrieda; thick, short chunks of Alderwood smoked bacon; a layer of NY cheddar; and "super sauce" made with chopped pickles, Calabrian peppers, aioli, and a few non-revealable ingredients.

The Breslin Bar & Dining Room


The Breslin (address and info)

The Ace Hotel's British-style gastropub does it up with a custom blend of lamb topped off with some feta and onion.


B&B Winepub (address and info)

A consistent winner of the Burger Bash, the Houston St tavern serves one topped with onion, BACON JAM, and American cheese.

5 Napkin Burger

Theater District

5 Napkin Burger (address and info)

You could do a lot worse than the original 10oz 5 Napkin with Gruyere, caramelized onions, and rosemary aioli, or the avocado ranch with pepper jack cheese and guac. But you won't have to.

Times Square

Schnipper's (address and info)

Delicious, quick, and (best part alert!) easy enough that you won't have to spend much time near Times Square.

Walker's Bar


Walker's (address and info)

8oz of sirloin, a sesame seed bun, bacon, cheese, and no-nonsense Irish pub awesomeness, all on one plate.

Upper East Side

J.G. Melon (address and info)

The classic NY burgers are a must-get for any "NY burger completist", or "person just looking for a solid burger and a beer".

Island Burgers & Shakes

Upper West Side

Island Burgers & Shakes (address and info)

They've got everything from super-simple cheeseburgers to crazy "decadent" options like the Hobie's covered in au poivre sauce, bleu cheese, sautéed onions, and bacon on sourdough.

Burger Heights

Washington Heights

Burger Heights (address and info)

This relative newcomer does the do with fast casual-style burgers featuring Pat LaFrieda patties that are delivered daily, and creations like The Amsterdam with queso fresco or the Wadsworth with grilled ham, pineapple, and BBQ sauce.


West Village

Spotted Pig (address and info)

Covered in Roquefort cheese, this burger helped put this gastropub, and therefore maybe all gastropubs, on the map.


Jones Wood Foundry (address and info)

This homey, British beer pub is supplementing its beer selection with excellent burger-age, including the Shakespeare Burger boasting Stilton, smoked bacon, and a sour pickle.

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1. Black Market 110 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009 (Alphabet City)

This Alphabet City cocktail bar is known for three things: oysters, burgers, and cocktails. The insanely juicy burgers are made with Pat LaFrieda (best butcher in the city, hands down) patties and topped with a perfectly melted layer of American cheese. The craft cocktail menu is heavy on the gin, and the drinks probably taste best when paired with the $1 oysters at happy hour.

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2. Umami Burger 225 Liberty St, New York, NY 16134 (Financial District)

Created in the flavor labs of Cali, this ever-expanding import's branch in Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place is pushing out epicness like the famed Umami truffle burger (pictured above) and the Manly Burger, with beer cheddar (!) and bacon lardons (! again). The upscale burger joint also serves killer salads, like the truffled ricotta and beet.

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3. Saxon + Parole 316 Bowery, New York, NY 10012 (East Village)

Saxon + Parole is a stylish restaurant on the Bowery whose decor and clientele look straight out of a Ralph Lauren ad. The seafood tower and charcuterie board appetizers define the surf and turf cuisine, as do the separate menu sections dedicated to land, sea, and steak. The standout is the signature burger, topped with melted Havarti cheese, maple bacon, a fried egg, and a bone marrow béarnaise sauce. A vintage wood-paneled bar in the front is well-stocked with whisky and usually packed with groups of thirty-somethings waiting for their table.

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4. The Red Cat 227 10th Ave, New York, NY 10011 (Chelsea)

New American comfort food is king at this narrow, popular eatery in Chelsea, which has been in operation since 1999. Menu highlights include options like shrimp tacos, slow-roasted duck breast, burgers, and steaks. What puts this spot on the map, however, is its extensive wine offerings and BYOB status, which is especially great during brunch.

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5. Breakroom 83 Baxter St, New York, NY 10013 (Chinatown)

Breakroom in Chinatown offers a small menu of heavy hitters-- burgers, tacos, and hot dogs. Its namesake burger is topped with confit crispy pork belly, fried onion halves, a runny egg, jalapeños, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles. Yes, it's as messy as it sounds.

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6. Brindle Room 277 E 10th St, New York, NY 10009 (East Village)

This East Village gastropub specializes in some of New York's favorite things: American comfort food, small plates, and weekend brunch. While regulars love the Brindle Room for its decadently simple Steakhouse Burger (topped with American cheese and caramelized onions), the specials menu is not to be overlooked.

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7. Zaitzeff 72 Nassau St, New York, NY 10038 (Financial District)

Zaitzeff serves up great burgers- but doesn't give them away cheaply. The 1/4 or 1/2 pound Kobe and sirloin burgers, made with grass fed beef from small farms in Washington and Oregon, are set between Portuguese buns.

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8. Shake Shack 11 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10010 (Flatiron)

Long before Shake Shack was an international chain with outposts as far as Dubai, it was a hot dog stand in Madison Square Park. The original location is still in the park, but instead of a roaming cart, it's a large kiosk surrounded by a sea of outdoor tables. There are two lines, an express one reserved for cold orders (that would be the frozen custard and concretes -- get them, they're good) and a regular one for everything else, which includes the signature ShackBurgers, crinkle-cut fries, and flat-top hot dogs.

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9. Gramercy Tavern 42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003 (Flatiron)

This upscale, Michelin-starred restaurant from the mind behind Union Square Cafe, Blue Smoke, and Shake Shack revives the classic American tavern with sophisticated (and affordable) entrees, such as shrimp and squash stew, jerk chicken, and a chocolate peanut butter pie for two. But more popular than GT's entrees, wine list, and refined cocktails is its off-menu Tavern Burger, which is expertly made with a specially sourced blended patty (50% chuck, 25% brisket, 25% short rib), and blanketed in melted cheddar with smoky bacon strips on a house-baked bun.

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10. Minetta Tavern 113 Macdougal St, New York, NY 10012 (Greenwich Village)

In the heart of Greenwich Village, Minetta Tavern boasts a classic oak bar, vintage photos on the walls, and supremely delicious burgers (amongst other menu items). Its Black Label Burger has quite the reputation -- it's an 8oz blend of Pat LaFrieda prime dry-aged beef, cooked until there's a nice, light crust on top, then dressed with caramelized onions on a custom brioche bun.

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11. Harlem Shake 100 W 124th Street, New York, NY 10027 (Harlem)

This popular neighborhood spot is slinging familiar American diner fare in retro digs. A substantial breakfast menu (which includes morning standards like eggs, pancakes, and sausage, and grits) is followed by beef, jerk, and veggie burgers for lunch, with dozens of toppings allowing for endless combinations. If you're overwhelmed, go for the Harlem Classic with cheese (two smashed patties, onions, pickles, and special sauce) and a double chocolate bacon Harlem Shake.

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12. Genuine Roadside 600 11th Ave, New York, NY 10036 (Hells Kitchen)

Everyone knows the best part of road trips is the diner grub, and Genuine Roadside capitalizes on this shameless indulgence with classic American fare done up with a gourmet twist. Come in for spicy smokehouse burgers, shrimp tacos, and vanilla bean ice cream sandwiches, and -- if you're not driving -- pair your meal with a cold beer or specialty cocktail.

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13. Keens Steakhouse 72 W 36th St, New York, NY 10018 (Midtown West)

Keens was the gentlemen-only meeting place for all sorts of playwrights, publishers, producers, and newsmen of the Herald Square Theatre District back in the day... which was 1885, by the way. Today, the legendary steakhouse maintains its reputation and continues to deliver quality eats in an old-timey atmosphere, and women are now allowed in (!!). Wondering what to order? Try the mutton chops, word is you won't regret it.

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14. Piper's Kilt 4946 Broadway, New York, NY 10034 (Bronx)

Just steps away from the very last northern stop on the A train, Piper's Kilt has been serving the Inwood area for over 24 years. Drinks here are reasonably priced-- $12 gets you a pitcher of beer. And if you're craving a top notch bar burger, this Irish pub delivers. The move is the Eastchester Burger with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, and a side of chili.

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15. The Randolph at Broome 343 Broome St, New York, NY 10013 (Nolita)

With homey and wood-heavy decor (think bricks walls with wood accents, wooden keg chairs, worn-wood counters, etc.), this laid-back Nolita spot's serving the best of both worlds: quality hand-brewed coffee and espresso by day, and innovative East Coast-style cocktails by night. Want your coffee IN your cocktail? They do that, too. One of the best beer bars in BYC, the Randolph at Broome features more than 30 well-curated taps that rotate seasonally, as well as a reserve beer menu built from specialty and hard-to-find beers, making this a great spot for serious hop-heads, or casual beer drinkers. The dinner menu is everything you want from a beer bar -- from small plates like pork sliders, hummus, or calimari, to burgers, BBQ ribs, and more than a few salads. The Randolph is also open for brunch and -- get this -- serves breakfast till 4 p.m.

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16. The Fat Radish 17 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 (Chinatown)

This trendy LES spot, a favorite among NYC's fashion set, focuses on farm-fresh modern riffs on British favorites (think Scotch eggs, celery root pot pie, and "Bloody Butcher Grits") in a rustic/industrial space with lots of exposed brick and white tile.

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17. Bill's Bar and Burger 22 9th Ave, New York, NY 10014 (Meatpacking)

Coming from Stephen Hanson of BR Guest Hospitality (the group behind Atlantic Grill, Blue Water Grill, Dos Caminos, and others), Bill's Bar and Burger is an East Coast chain known for its as-classic-as-it-comes burgers made with a secret blend. Bill's Meatpacking satellite has a '50s diner meets Memphis 'cue joint vibe with its standing counter, neon signs, and tin and dark wood accents. And addition to burgers, guests can also explore an impressive whiskey menu.

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18. P.J. Clarke's 915 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022 (Midtown)

A New York institution, P.J. Clarke's has delivered on the fancy cheeseburger promise since 1884. And while Midtown in the new millennia no longer projects late-20th century old money glam, the venue continues to maintain a setting of demure class. Come for the bacon cheeseburgers, stay for the exemplary cocktails.

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19. Burger Joint 119 W 56th St, New York, NY 10019 (Midtown West)

Expect to wait in line during peak hours for a seat at Burger Joint, tucked away behind a curtain in Le Parker Meridien's lobby. This tiny, no frills burger bar serves a limited menu -- but the classics here never fail to disappoint. And don't let your burger go solo -- a gloriously greasy bag of fries on the side is a must.

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20. Mel's Burger Bar 2850 Broadway , New York, NY 10025

It’s all about choices at this rustic burger haunt in Morningside Heights, where more than a dozen inventive burgers, nine types of fries, and a slew of craft beers are on offer. The all-natural patties at Mel's are on the smaller side, but they more than make up for their size with a host of creative topping combinations, like the bacon, mac & cheese Widowmaker or the onion ring, spinach dip, and Jack cheese-topped Dirty Hipster. If you have room, throw some fried pickles, mac & cheese balls, or garlic fries on the side, and a boozy milkshake for good measure.

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21. Resto 111 E 29th St, New York, NY 10016 (Murray Hill)

Resto NYC is a Belgian bistro in Murray Hill with a refined, laidback vibe that makes it a dependable dinner option any night of the week. The French-inspired menu features the best burger in the neighborhood, served with Gruyere, red onions, dill pickles, mayonnaise, and French fries. The rest of the meat-centric options are split between small plates like steak tartare and larger entrées like duck breast and mussels. The beer and wine program has one of the most extensive selections of Belgian brews in the city.

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22. Mile End Delicatessen 53 Bond St, New York, NY 10012 (Noho)

Mile End Deli doesn’t fit neatly into a single category, serving non-kosher Jewish French-Canadian comfort food with a hipster twist. And yet, ironically but un-ironically, this has solidified it in the hearts of New Yorkers. Well, that and the absurdly succulent smoked meat. The meat masterminds here have crafted a true tour de force de fries -- poutine with cheese curds, chicken gravy, and the option to add smoked brisket (do it).

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23. The Cleveland 25 Cleveland Pl, New York, NY 10012 (Soho)

The Cleveland is an American-meets-Mediterranean joint right off Petrosino Square, and features beers like Ommegang backing rubbed skirt steak w/ roasted blue potato mash, and risotto-style duck hulled wheat w/ braised prunes.

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24. The Breslin Bar & Dining Room 16 W 29th St, New York, NY 10001 (Nomad)

April Bloomfield's all-day restaurant inside the Ace Hotel is an upscale British gastropub in the heart of NoMad. The Michelin-starred spot serves an indulgent meat-centric menu whose greatest hits include a lamb burger with thrice-cooked fries and fried sweetbreads. Aside from the Ă  la carte menu, prix-fixe group dinners with your choice of meat (roasted duck, fried chicken, whole-roasted suckling pig) are available for advance booking. And if you have a sweet tooth, make sure to get something from the pudding menu.

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25. Burger & Barrel 25 W Houston, New York, NY 10012 (Soho)

Burger & Barrel's menu so eloquently quotes author Oliver Wendell Holmes to set forth the restaurant's guiding principle: "wine is a food." As such, the cozy Soho winepub -- created by the team behind Lure Fishbar and Locanda Verde -- serves an extensive, global list of reds and whites, most of which are sourced from family-owned, artisanal producers. Meanwhile, the food selection emphasizes burgers, among which you'll want to try the BMC, a 30-day dry-aged ground beef blend topped with tomato aioli, griddled onions, and raclette cheese.

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26. 5 Napkin Burger 630 Ninth Ave, New York, NY 10036 (Hells Kitchen)

Sure, it's hard to get the standard cheeseburger wrong, but it's even harder to make it memorably excellent. For an example of the latter, try 5 Napkin's Original -- a 10oz patty topped with Gruyere, caramelized onions, and rosemary aioli -- or the Avocado Ranch with pepper Jack cheese and guac. You'll remember it later by its combination of all your favorite toppings, and the 5+ napkins you used to clean up the delicious aftermath.

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27. Schnipper's Quality Kitchen 620 8th Ave, New York, NY 10018 (Midtown)

The original location of this old-fashioned-burger chain delivers easy sandwiches, burgers, and other comfort foods in a large, casual space. And if you doubt our definition of "comfort food," rest assured that this all-inclusive joint prepares the full range of fried and tasty, including fish tacos, green chile cheeseburgers, and sloppy joes.

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28. Walker's 16 N Moore St, New York, NY 10013 (Tribeca)

Walker’s is an iconic tavern from the historic, pre-De Niro days of Tribeca. The unpretentious bar-slash-restaurant is a great spot to grab a beer and dine on Irish pub fare, especially the ground sirloin burger decked out in bacon and cheese, and served with baked, fried, roasted, or French fried-potatoes. No matter if you’ve lived in the city for a month or ten years, the entire place will make you feel nostalgic for old-school New York.

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29. J.G. Melon 1291 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10021 (Upper East Side)

One of New York's most classic burgers can be found at this prepster pub that's been serving the Upper East Side since 1972. The hallmark of J.G. Melon is the hamburger, comprised of a griddled beef patty and American cheese on a toasted potato bun. If you aren't a regular who lives within a five-block radius, the bar burger really is the only reason to go to J.G. Melon, whose melon decor and green-checkered tablecloths haven't changed much since it first opened.

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30. Island Burgers & Shakes 422 Amsterdam Ave, New York, NY 10024 (Upper West Side)

Island Burgers & Shakes serves some of the most inventive patties on the UWS. Stop in for large, juicy burgers made to order, and choose from a long list of toppings (fan favorites include crunchy pickles, crispy bacon, and the sautéed onions). The French fries ($4, ordered separately) are lightly dusted in starch mix before being fried, making them ultra-crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

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31. Burger Heights 177 Wadsworth Ave, New York, NY 10033 (Washington Heights)

This tiny Washington Heights burger spot offers several speciality burgers, as well as a "build-a-burger" option -- all made with Pat LaFrieda 100% certified Angus. Their crispy fries are also a must-try.

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32. The Spotted Pig 314 W 11th St, New York, NY 10014-2369 (West Village)

April Bloomfield's West Village restaurant and bar is a fan-favorite among celebrities, lifetime New Yorkers, and tourists, known for its bucket list-worthy chargrilled roquefort burger with shoestring fries. The British-meets-Italian gastropub famously doesn't take reservations, but it's also open until 2am nightly, so if you can't get a table during peak dinner hours, then a late-night seat at the bar is your best bet -- and probably the most quintessential New York experience.

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33. Jones Wood Foundry 401 E 76th St, New York, NY 10021 (Upper East Side)

JWF, an UES staple, offers authentic British fare like bangers and mash, fish and chips, and tea-brined chicken -- all served with UK beers. The front bar of this homey pub boasts a wrought-iron and stained-glass window that overlooks a sky-lit banquet hall. The hall, with rustic communal tables, sits adjacent to an outdoor courtyard, and connects to a dining room with antler-framed mirrors. So even without the accents, boy bands, or Royal Guards, you'll feel like you're across the pond.



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