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1. Toad Style 93 Ralph Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11221

It's hard to tell what makes Bed-Stuy's Toad Style notable -- that it brings affordable vegan food choices to an area lacking them or that it's Kung Fu-themed. The spot is named after the 1978 martial arts movie Five Deadly Venoms, in which fighting masters assume the styles of different animals -- one of which is a you-know-what (ribbit ribbit). The 14-seat space keeps things lively with themed posters and a backyard, and the animal product-free menu will make you forget you ever liked meat. There's vegan ricotta ravioli, mushroom-lentil burgers, and grilled cheese made with almonds. We love the Jackfruit Sandwich best; tropical fruit filling resembles pulled pork in its shredded texture and sweet BBQ taste. Hop to it.