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The 5 Best Chocolate Chip Cookies in NYC

Published On 05/13/2019 Published On 05/13/2019
Seven Grams Caffé Chocolate Chip Cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookies | Courtesy of Seven Grams Caffé
Chip New York City


Astoria, Queens

Chip’s cookie offerings -- each as big as your fist and stuffed with gooey fillings -- change daily, but chocolate chip is almost always on the menu. Flavors like Funfetti and Ruby Matcha are clearly Instagram-bait, but they really do taste as good as they look. The classic chocolate chip cookie is golden on the outside and, when you break it open, manages to maintain a cookie-dough-like consistency inside. It’s dense, super-sweet, and best served on your couch after a twenty second spin in the microwave.

Maman | Arianna Tettamanzi


Multiple Locations

This New York mini-chain with six locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn mixes its dark chocolate chips with crunchy walnuts, macadamias, and almonds. The resulting cookies have the sort of deep caramelization and almost-burnt edges that call to you from the pastry case when you really just meant to get a 3 o’clock coffee. They’re big enough for sharing, but not so big that you can’t polish one off all by yourself while walking back to the office. Not for nothing -- Oprah named these cookies one of her Favorite Things. Don’t disrespect Oprah. Eat a chocolate chip cookie.

Courtesy of Seven Grams Caffé

Seven Grams Caffe


With tahini instead of eggs and olive oil swapped for butter, these vegan cookies are every bit as luscious as their lacto-ovo counterparts. Although they’re crispy on the outside, they’ve been slightly underbaked to leave a chewy center. (You can recreate this effect at home by baking your cookies in an extra-hot oven for a short period of time). Dip them in some almond or oat milk for a vegan reimagining of the milk-and-cookies experience.

Courtesy of L’imprimerie



If you come down on the crispy side of the crispy vs. chewy debate, L’imprimerie’s sea-salt-sprinkled chocolate chip cookie will satisfy. Reasonably sized (both in width and in diameter), the cookies are baked flattish, leaving crispy edges that give way to a soft core. The giant chunks of extra-dark chocolate are just a little bitter; order it with a coffee if you want to eat your chocolate chip cookie like the goddamn grownup that you are.

Levain Bakery


Multiple Locations

The one. The only. The Levain chocolate chip walnut cookie. This cookie’s claim to fame isn’t only its size -- although it is as gigantic as its $4 price tag demands -- but also its dense, nearly scone-like center packed with nuts and semi-sweet chips. If you absolutely have to have more chocolate, order the dark chocolate chocolate chip cookie, which is made even richer with extra-dark cocoa in the dough. Hopefully, National Go to the Dentist Day is next week.