Where to Eat Hot Dogs in NYC This Summer

For whatever Phase you're in.

Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar
Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar | Nina Frazier-Hansen
Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar | Nina Frazier-Hansen

“Hot dogs will probably always go hand in hand with New York,” says Tony Fragogiannis, a Brooklyn native and owner of The Brooklyn Hot Dog Company. “From the Coney Island boardwalk to the street vendors on every corner, New York has always had a hot dog culture and I don't think that will ever go away.”  
While that’s absolutely true, what has changed in recent years in NYC is the range of different dogs, diverse as the city itself, that are now widely available: From colorful Asian varieties to South American takes.
While Fragogiannis is a fan of the traditional all-beef dog, topped with spicy brown mustard, sauerkraut and sometimes a little relish, he also believes that:  “a hot dog is a blank canvas, so I think people should have fun with them.” 
Ready to play? From the globally inspired to the just plain upgraded, here’s where you can treat yourself to a hot dog in New York City this summer -- no matter what phase of reopening we’re currently in.

Not in NYC? Order up some gourmet dogs online or send them to a friend.

Gourmet Corn Dogs at The Basac 

This wholly inventive modern Korean spot in Flushing, Queens, offers a menu full of deep-fried delights, but the corn dog menu (also served as part of the fried food set) deserves particular attention. Choose from six varieties of corn dog, like the humble corn flake crusted frank or the dramatic squid ink infused version. 
How to order: Order via DoorDash, Uber Eats

crazy dogs
Courtesy of Crazy Dogs

Pizza Dog at Crazy Dogs

Combining two New York culinary essentials, Crazy Dogs’ pizza dog melds the best of this city’s edible culture, sandwiching a beef frank, sweet pizza sauce, melted mozzarella, and pepperoni on a potato bun. Basic dogs are available as well.
How to order: Order via Postmates

Cheese Dogs at Chelsea Papaya 

A pandemic isn’t going to pause Chelsea Papaya’s late-night hot dog parade. Vending until 4am on weekends, this corner hot dog joint is here to help sop up some of the mistakes you’ve made earlier in the evening. All-beef hot dogs, which have that perfectly satisfying snap when you bite in, are the move here, though sausage and turkey dogs are also spinning on the dog heaters. Get your order covered with chili and liquid cheese, you deserve it.
How to order: Order via BeyondMenu

five leaves
Five Leaves

Corn Dog at Five Leaves

Eating meat off a stick is one of those joys that just tastes like summer, and right across from McCarren Park, Five Leaves is ready to be a major part of your socially distanced park day. This summer special features their crispy corn dog atop a basket of fries, with a pickle and homemade chipotle mayo for dipping. State fair food, upgraded! 
How to order: Walk up to the window on Nassau Ave or order via Caviar


Chicago-style Dog at Emmett’s

Lower East Side
Manhattan’s only true Chicago-style deep-dish pizzeria offers another Midwest favorite: The Chicago dog. True to its origins, the Vienna beef hot dog is served on a steamed Rosen poppy seed bun with sliced tomato, diced onion, neon green relish, sport peppers, mustard, a pickle spear and celery salt, though each item can be removed at will by picky New Yorkers. Chicago-style Italian sausage, with sauteed green peppers and onions, is also available. 
How to order: Via website

Recession Special at Gray’s Papaya

Midtown, Upper West Side
The pandemic brought Gray’s first closure in nearly 40 years, but the New York mainstay bounced back in May and is open once again. In addition to their standard hot dog menu, go for the classic Recession Special -- two franks plus a medium tropical drink in coconut, banana, piña colada or papaya -- for $6.95. And if you’re a healthcare worker, drop by either location for a free Recession Special.
How to order: 
Midtown: In-store, call 212-302-0462, or via Grubhub, Seamless
Upper West Side: In-store, call 212-799-0243, or via Grubhub, Seamless 

Brooklyn Dogs at Hard Times Sundaes

Downtown Brooklyn
“Brooklyn style” hot dogs are served deep-fried, wrapped in crisp bacon if you so desire, and tucked into a toasted, buttered potato roll. Sauerkraut, onions, pickles, jalapeño, diced onion, grilled onion, tomato and mushrooms are all free add-ons, and a scoop of chili is $1 more, if you’re not worried about staining your shirt.
How to order: Order via Grubhub

Perros Calientes at La Perrada De Chalo

Jackson Heights
Colombian hot dogs -- perros calientes -- are at their finest at this restaurant serving a range of Latin American and globally influenced dishes. At this Queens spot, a total of 12 hot dogs loaded with toppings are available in regular and super size, with varieties including the Marinero topped with shrimp sauce, pineapple, salsa, cheese and crushed chips; and several more featuring combinations of bacon, cheese and homemade salsas.
How to order: Via website

Courtesy of Feltman's

Feltman's at McSorley's 

East Village
Two iconic New York institutions merge inside one of Manhattan’s oldest bars. In the late 1800s, original owner, John McSorley, took his family to Feltman’s in Coney Island for some of the city’s first-ever hot dogs. Now, they’re served with a dollop of mustard and scoop of sauerkraut alongside beers on tap. 
How to order: Walk up to the door in PPE to place a takeout order

katz's deli
Courtesy of Katz's Deli

Frankfurters at Katz’s Deli

Lower East Side 
As one of New York’s original hot dogs worth going out of your way for, Katz’s frank is Kosher-style with 100% beef, served in a basic white bun with a hefty layer of sauerkraut and a thick drizzle of deli mustard. Ketchup would be sacrilege, but with takeout, no one’s judging… 
How to order: Via website or Caviar, Grubhub, DoorDash, Uber Eats, or ship packaged franks straight to your door

Perros at Prontito

This hub for Colombian street food has plenty of greasy, cheesy delights to make even the hottest summer days worth leaving the house on, and the hot dog section of the menu is worth a summer trip to pick up the decked out perros. Oversize pork and beef franks are loaded with toppings like pineapple, French fries, melted cheese sauce and more. 
How to order: Via Uber Eats

Hot Dog at Shake Shack

Shake Shack might be your go-to place for burgers and frozen custard, but the company’s humble beginnings started as a hot dog cart in Madison Square Park for three summers starting in 2001. Thanks in part to founder Danny Meyer’s Midwestern roots, the 100% all-natural, Chicago-style Vienna beef dog that Shake Shack has been offering since their early days is still on the menu.
How to order: Via website

Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar
Schaller's Stube Sausage Bar | Nina Frazier-Hansen

Upper East Side
Crisp on the outside, plump and juicy on the inside, Schaller’s bratwursts hit the spot when cravings for a frank between two buns hit. Several sausage and brat varieties, like a cheddar brat served with bacon and American cheese, and the chicken sausage with white kimchi and bonito-flake adorned cream cheese, allow for various modes of indulgence. Vegan options are available, as are extra carbs on the side, like potato pancakes and oversize soft pretzels. 
How to order: Order via Uber Eats

Kosher beef franks and vegan substitutes are both available from this Latin street food spot. An order of the Santa Salsa dog adds slices of avocado, fried white cheese, crisp bacon, onions, cabbage, potato chips, ketchup, mustard, guasacaca (avocado salsa) and Santa salsa (their namesake) to your dog of choice.
How to order: Order via Caviar 

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Melissa Kravitz is a writer based in NYC.