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The 5 Best Milkshakes in NYC

Published On 07/16/2019 Published On 07/16/2019
shake shack milkshakes
Assorted milkshakes | Courtesy of Shake Shack
Pie Milkshake | Courtesy of Davey's Ice Cream

Davey’s Ice Cream

East Village. Greenpoint & Williamsburg

Dessert enthusiasts won’t make it past Davey’s pie milkshake sections. Ambitious mashups combine French vanilla ice cream with your choice of peanut butter pie or a seasonal offering, along with a swirl of gooey chocolate sauce. Sub in the “chocolate chocolate” flavor with peanut butter pie for the ultimate indulgence that puts frozen Reese’s cups to shame.

Strawberry & Corn Milkquake | Courtesy of Milk Bar

Milk Bar

Multiple locations

Leave it to dessert queen Christina Tosi to blend a milkshake to worthy of its own crown. For those who prefer a somewhat subtle sweetness, the Strawberry and Corn Milkquake is perfect -- melding the strawberries’ natural sugar with soft corn cookies and Cereal Milk™ soft serve. It’s a savory strawberry and cream shake, bursting with summer brightness.

Two Cookies & Cream Milkshake | Daniel Kwak



All-natural dairy from local Ronnybrook Farm is whipped into ice cream here, which is then married to more of that rich milk to create the ideal milkshake. You’re here for the Two Cookies & Cream, which is essentially a sippable version of the classic black and white cookie (though in this case it’s Oreos plus Nilla wafers) mixed with vanilla soft serve.

Assorted milkshakes | Courtesy of Shake Shack

Shake Shack

Multiple locations

The Shack’s namesake item is indeed one of its best, and totally worth waiting in line for on a hot day -- though we have to recommend ordering through the app. Seasonal flavors prevent brain freeze fatigue: July’s is the straight-from-Japan black sesame shake, spinning savory black sesame seed paste with vanilla ice cream for a flavor combination not typically seen stateside, but pleasantly reminiscent of a sesame bagel with cream cheese.

Mint Chip Shake | Andrea Massaad

Van Leeuwen

Multiple locations

Any scoop at this artisanal ice cream parlor can be ordered as a shake, but the money’s in the mint chip, which is cooling, refreshing and fantastically creamy with a few studs of chocolate. Pick up a pint your local bodega, (at $8 it’s competitively priced with the in-store shake), and whip up a few to share with friends at home.