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The 5 Best Pancakes in NYC

Published On 03/04/2019 Published On 03/04/2019
clinton street baking company blueberry pancakes
Clinton Street Baking Company | Mark Weinberg
Maine Blueberry Pancakes | Mark Weinberg

Clinton Street Baking Company

Lower East Side

Pancakes for dinner: Simple but luxurious, the kind of choice you dreamed about making when you were a kid. Clinton Street Baking Company works the griddle from 5:30 to 11pm so you can live the dream. Served with gooey Maine blueberries, banana and walnuts, or huge chocolate chunks, their pancakes are fluffy, golden brown, and served with melted maple butter. You can get them for brunch, too, but why wait until the morning?

Johny's Luncheonette


Ringing in at $6.75 (including a coffee until 11:30 AM), Johnny’s Luncheonette has the most reasonably priced pancakes on this list. And they should be cheap! They’re diner pancakes, after all, made without fuss or fancy toppings, designed to stave off hangovers or give your toddler something sticky to throw. Johnny flips exactly the sort of pancakes you crave from a diner: thinnish and dark and not perfectly round, served up in a noisy, narrow space that smells like a strong cup of joe.

Courtesy of Buttermilk Channel

Buttermilk Channel

Carroll Gardens

Made with -- you guessed it! -- buttermilk. Buttermilk Channel’s pancakes are especially tender and the slightest bit sour, their tops laced nearly black from the griddle. They’re served simply, with butter and a jug of maple syrup, and they really they don’t need any further gussying up. (A side of bacon couldn’t hurt, though, especially dragged through the syrup). There’s always a wait for brunch, but it’s to be expected -- Brooklyn is Brunch City, and Beyonce ate here once.  

Le Barricou

East Williamsburg

Baked in the oven instead of flipped on the griddle, Le Barricou gives their pancakes an even golden crust and nearly an inch-high rise. Served two-to-an-order with fresh berries, sweet strawberry butter, and maple syrup, they’re a sophisticated French take on the rustic Dutch Baby, which is traditionally baked in a cast iron pan. The pancakes take an hour to make, so order a drink (or two, or three) and toast to your day of excess.

Chicken & Pancakes | Emilia Amaghirzai

Jacob's Pickles

Upper West Side

Jacob’s Pickles serves a gridless take on the sweet-and-savory chicken and waffle combo, resting their buttermilk fried chicken and bacon atop pancakes, instead. The crispy fried chicken is great on its own, but what can’t be improved by a run-in with some maple syrup? They open at 10 AM on the weekdays, allowing you to celebrate the holiday properly (and without the long weekend wait). Now you just have to convince your boss that “Pancake Tuesday” is a good excuse to come in late.