The Burrata Worth Going to the Bronx For

Courtesy of Jason Crowley

Welcome to Dude, You Gotta Eat This -- a new Thrillist series where we direct your eating attention toward new, under-the-radar, weird, or just plain awesome eats you need to go try around the city.

Casa della Mozzarella’s namesake cheese is indisputably one of the city’s finest specimens of pasta filata -- if not, as some argue, the finest. Only two people (owner Orazio Carciotto and his lieutenant Alex Fava) are allowed to even touch the curds, which they stretch by hand in the back of the store. To this day, it remains one of the very best reasons to go to Arthur Avenue. But it’s only one of the reasons to go to Casa.

What if we told you that, for all these years, you’ve only been doing it half right? For all the well-deserved praise Casa’s mozzarella gets, they’ve hardly received any notice for another absolutely fantastic cheese they make in-house: burrata. You used to have to call ahead or wait 40 minutes for it. Not so anymore. Now you can pop into the shop during a sopressata and anchovies run and get the good stuff right away.

Casa’s burrata is big, a thick burlap sack-sized shell made of scraps of their outrageously creamy mozzarella. (Sometimes beggars are choosers.) While most burrata contains a wet filling that oozes out when cut open, Carciotto purposely went in another direction. Bocconcini are chopped up and mixed with thick Italian heavy cream for a rich, moist, and tangy filling that is more like a spread, just right for crackers, bread, or, let’s be honest, your fingers.

If you’re not eating this, you’re doing cheese wrong.

Chris Crowley is a journalist with an overzealous appetite. He’s an editor at Grub Street, and his work has appeared on Serious Eats (where he wrote a column about the Bronx’s restaurants for over two years), Punch, Narratively, and more. Follow him on Twitter.