Where to eat at Smorgasburg if you hate lines and/or waking up early

Tons of people are excited about Smorgasburg, and it seems almost all of them get up earlier than you and have an irrationally high tolerance for waiting in lines. And while madhouses like Mighty Quinn's, Landhaus, and Milk Truck will likely die down later in the season, here's a guide to some completely legit eats that (as of now) only require quick waits

If you plan on waiting on lines later, hit Handsome Hank's for this massive fried whiting sandwich on Texas toast, and do it with hot sauce.

Another massive sandwich that will tide you over for any future waits. This one's from Smorgas vet Heartbreaking Dawn's Hot Sauces, but represents their first foray into eats and is even more awesome than it looks, thanks to charcoal pit beef on the the bottom and more lump crab than you thought was sandwich-able on top

So what if the line is out of control for Buttermilk Channel? Get your fried chicken fix at newcomer Beehive Oven's biscuit stand -- it's excellent and comes topped with an award-winning squash

Awwww yeah..

... oh wait, it's potato hash from Egg and Parish Hall. Which is actually fine, since it's toppable with pimento cheese, bacon, kielbasa, and short rib

It's beer cheese, and they want to give you free samples. Oblige them at Floyd's Beer Cheese stand

That's right, it's the noodle kugel double down: two pieces of seared kugel with a slathering of farmer's cheese and onions in the middle, from Scharf & Zoyer

While technically not food, this shirt from Danny's Macaroons is still fantastic.

Fish sandwich from Handsome Hank's at Smorgasburg
Black Love from Charcoal Pit Beef at Smorgasburg
Fried chicken biscuit from BeeHive Ovens at Smorgasburg
Hash Bar at Smorgasburg
Bacon and cheese hash from the Hash Bar at Smorgasburg
Floyd's Beer Cheese at Smorgasburg
Kugel Double Down from Scharf and Zoyer at Smorgasburg
Danny Macaroons badass t-shirt at Smorgasburg