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Hot ham water and Mayoneggs are now real, and kinda fancy

Arrested Development dinner at Three Letters

In taking the new Arrested Development episodes very seriously, Clinton Hill's modern bistro Three Letters created a tasting menu called "The Final Countdown" that includes everything from Carl Weathers' Stew with (presumably VERY cheap) market veggies, to a Chicken Gene Parmesan, which will surely be poorly disguised as something else. So, drive your stair car over there on Sunday to get:

Corn balls

No hands were burnt while making these polenta and brown butter corn balls.

Hot ham water

Hot ham water, just like Lindsay used to make, poorly. It's actually a country ham consommé and chive oil.


The Mayonegg is, well, mayo and egg, but you know... delicious. No veal here.

Lucille's breakfast

Lucille's breakfast. Vodka and toast = vodka and pain au mais with morel butter.

Bluth's frozen banana

Frozen banana. Gob-style, double-dipped, and covered in nuts. It's no illusion, Michael.