These Guys Are Trying to Eat More Carolina Reapers Than Anyone in the World


If you've ever wanted to know what it's like to eat the world's hottest pepper, or maybe just watch someone else eat it, you're in luck, because the Carolina Reaper Pepper-Eating Contest is just one of the events scheduled at the NYC Hot Sauce Expo. The Expo, which will be held April 22-23, brings together the hottest sauces from around the world for tastings (if you're brave enough) and incredible eating contests like the "Spicy Bagel of DOOM" challenge. Of all the spectacles scheduled, the Reaper-Eating Contest will turn up the most heat as competitors try to break the world record by eating more than 22 of the volcanic peppers in under a minute. And if you can't stand watching the pain on these competitors' faces, there's also a Chihuahua beauty pageant to round out the experience.

Check out what to expect at this year's Reaper-Eating Contest and Hot Sauce Expo in the video above.

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Tanner Saunders is an editorial production assistant at Thrillist who will not be eating a Spicy Bagel of DOOM. Follow him on Instagram.