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Chicken and Waffle Cones: How to get them in NYC next week

Despite pretty much constantly keeping you in the loop in regards to all insane-eats things in NYC (see: Ramen Burgers, s'mores fries, Cronuts, and Ramenrittos), the as-amazing-as-it-sounds Chicken and Waffle Cone somehow managed to fly under our hype radar since its late-night, smoke-and-drink-fueled 2009 inception.

Fast-forward to this photo from the Full Moon Fest, which made the rounds on Instagram a few weeks ago. Needless to say, we decided it was time for us to track this thing down.

So, how was this thing not a huge deal already (considering how crazy people went for basically the same thing at a recent Wisconsin State Fair)? Turns out, it comes down to two things:

1. Chicken and Waffle Cone creator The Brooklyn Star doesn't serve them at their restaurant
They're only available at events they pop-up at, like Full Moon Fest, Brooklyn Night Bazaar, Northside Festival, and your next shot at getting this thing: September 7th's Taste of Williamsburg.

2. Their admirably laid-back attitude, and general reluctance to pimp themselves

Now that you definitely want one of these things, check out what goes into it -- starting with ZERO ice cream.

Instead, it all starts with juicy, crispy, buttermilk-fried chicken nuggets, and a pretty standard ice cream store waffle cone that's fresh-pressed and savory instead of sweet, thanks to cheddar and black pepper add-ins.

The fried chicken and waffle cone don't meet, though, until the cone has first been filled with mashed potatoes. They're there to catch and absorb all the crispy goodness that's about to be piled on top.

Next up is the tangy slaw.

Then -- like a plate of good nachos -- the first bit of chicken goes in, gets sauced/topped, and then the second layer of chicken goes in and gets topped with another layer of sauce/toppings. This one here is the Sriracha-Honey.

Other flavors include Chow Chow & maple syrup, or Bacon-Ranch & Buffalo sauce.

They give you a fork if you want it, but the real way to do it is to eat the pieces that're teetering on the top, and then just get down with it like an ice cream cone. NBD.

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Andrew Zimmer is Thrillist's NYC Editor, and he promises to never let another fried chicken/ice cream cone hybrid fly under his radar again. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram.