Dinosaur BBQ now has two NYC locations, and this one serves "Breakfast All Day"

Dinosaur BBQ Ribs

In a move that thankfully ensures it's the opposite of going extinct, Dinosaur BBQ just opened a second NYC outpost in Brooklyn. This one's set up like a massive barn full of brick, wood, and pig art (if a pigs drinking beer are art to you, and they should be), and pumps out so much of that glorious BBQ smell that you can smell it the second you step off the R train.

Dinosaur interior

Grab a seat and get comfortable. While all Dinosaur is good Dinosaur (especially the one that spit in Newman's face, and then ate him), they've unleashed a slew of new dishes, so you're gonna want to take your time.

Pork chow-chow

Their new ridiculous sandwich is the Pork Chow-Chow crammed in a Portuguese roll. The pig is topped with hoisin sauce and a green tomato chow-chow, which is essentially a chunky relish, and it gives the dish a nice sweet & sour flavor.

Breakfast All Day

Breakfast All Day. That's both an ethos and the name of the dish. The chef is a total "hash freak" (heady, bro), so he's been dying to get this BAD boy on the menu for a while. It's brisket, 'tatoes, poblano peppers, and caramelized onions, all pan fried until super crispy, then topped with a sunny side-up egg. Congrats, now you're a hash freak, too.

Dino Poutine

Here comes the Dino Poutine: beef gravy on pulled pork on fries on pimiento cheese.

Catfish at Dinosaur BBQ

Perhaps you're looking for something a bit less earthy? Grab the sweet tea-brined catfish. That brining takes 4hrs, then they cold smoke it over smoldering hickory before finally grilling it.

Dinosaur Brisket

The brisket is not new, but it is delicious.

Mac n cheese at Dinosaur BBQ

Sides. Duh.

Piggies cooking a dude

You wish, little piggies. You wish.