Dorito Kimchee Carbonara is calling you to Bushwick

Kimchee Carbonara with Doritos

Bushwick's newest culinary/craziness player King Noodle is half Chinese joint, half acid trip, half roller disco, and half undersea coral reef adventure (the art is based on nudibranchs -- Google it), which all adds up just fine, because you're on acid, remember? And so, naturally, it's serving delicious insanity like Dorito Kimchee Carbonara, along with other avant-garde eats and hyper-Americanized Chinese food from a team whose credentials include nearby Roberta's and The Narrows.

Interior King Noodle

Ok fine, maybe a shroom trip.

Chicken Wings at King Noodle

The food pays homage to the greasy Americanized "bodega Chinese places" with backlit photo menus that you definitely love, but works in envelope-pushing ingredients and flavor profiles. Here're their chicken wings, which get slathered in a homemade gochujang sauce and dusted with peanuts and lime zest.

Mapo Tofu Cheese Fries

These here are mapo tofu cheese fries. Mapo's a very trendy dish that new wave Asian cuisine has been pimping recently, and it turns out it's not actually all that different from what's normally put onto cheese fries. The tofu gives it an almost poutine-like texture, and the cheese is, of course, American, as it's "the choice of cheese fry connoisseurs".

Kimchee Carbonara with Doritos part deux

Now acquaint yourself with that Kimchee Carbonara with Nacho Cheese Doritos. Carbonara was the only pasta dish that really had the sheen and texture of lo mein, and the Doritos were added as a sort of happy accident when, during a tasting, one of the participants just happened to be slyly adding the chips to his dish, because he is an amazing person.

Zombie at King Noodle

Cocktails like this Zombie are firmly in the Trader Vic's and Don The Beachcomber zone, with slight tweaks to make them more accessible.

Mai Tai at King Noodle

Mai Tais, duh.

Scorpion Bowl at King Noodle, It's On

If you like your booze giant and on fire, then definitley get the Scorpion Bowl. Nobody ever really has any idea whats in 'em (possibly including bartenders around the world), but just know that there should be "at least two people to a bowl, and a race to the bottom".