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The return of the Fatty Crew's meatacular Asian spot to Williamsburg

Fatty 'Cue bar

After shuttering for over a year to revamp, the original Fatty 'Cue is back with a sleeker, easier-to-maneuver space that includes a larger bar area, the familiar slatted walls of the West Village spot, and new eats like crispy fried sweetbreads with white BBQ sauce and a half pig's head served with charred spring garlic, pickles, and baos. They've also brought on Phil Ward of Death & Co. to work up new drinks like the Flatbush Zombie made with three rums incuding 151, cinnamon, grapefruit, lime, and mole bitters, plus the jalapeno-infused tequila, manzanilla sherry, cucumber, and smoked salt Nacho Libre, which you might think is weird at first, but will totally grow on you.

Fatty 'Cue Nacho Libre
Fatty 'Cue crispy sweetbreads
Fatty 'Cue bar
Fatty 'Cue Kim Jon Il tongue scraper
Fatty 'Cue booth
Fatty 'Cue dining room
Fatty 'Cue glitzy the pig
Fatty 'Cue dining room
Fatty 'Cue Flatbush Zombie
Fatty 'Cue shrimp salad