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This Brooklyn Restaurant Is Making Fried Fish Churros and Seaweed Cheetos

Forget subway churros -- at Brooklyn’s Sunken Hundred, the churros are made out of fried fish.

Sunken Hundred is all about creative takes on traditional Welsh food. The Cobble Hill restaurant takes its name from an ancient Welsh myth about the sea, and the menu is heavy on seafood like roast hake served with seaweed, a Welsh favorite dating back to the Roman days.

The star of the menu was born after Illtyd Barrett, Sunken Hundred’s owner, noticed how much waste was being created by filleting hake. He decided to transform the fleshy trim meat of the fish by frying it until golden in the shape of a churro. The result is a savory, fried appetizer that can only be found at the New York restaurant. Another Sunken Hundred speciality that mixes Welsh traditions with snack food favorites? Seaweed Cheetos. The restaurant imports three kinds of seaweed, which is deep-fried into a greenish Cheeto-like puff.

Can these fried creations stack up to the originals? Find out more in the video above.

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Tanner Saunders is an Editorial Production Assistant at Thrillist. He likes all churros.