NYC's 5 most incredible melty sandwiches

Best Grilled Cheese in New York

All April, it's been National Grilled Cheese Month, and you totally had just toast that one time, with zero pieces of melted cheese on it. Shame on you. To make up for your rampant un-American-ness, we present five of the finest grilled cheeses in town. Go eat them all, and bail yourself out. You've got until Tuesday. Noorman's Kil's Salona609 Grand St; Brooklyn; 347.384.2526 Doubling up on spicy with jalapeno Jack and Texas Pete hot sauce, this Southwest-tinged hoss is topped with cilantro and diced tomatoes, and pressed between sourdough. Kill it, then cool things down with one of their 230+ whiskeys. Whiskey is soothing, right? Whiskey and a spicy GC sounding pretty ideal? Get some.Little Muenster's Candied Bacon Grilled Cheese100 Stanton St; Lower East Side; 212.203.7197 Their seasonal apple pie grilled cheese seemed like a lock, but then we tried the candied bacon number. All you really need to know is it's got candied bacon. Fine, and also that it's got a hint of sweet from the green apple layered amongst the gooey Vermont cheddar. For more super-cheesy sandos, click hereMelt Shop's Award WinnerMultiple locations The Award Winner: it's not just a clever name, as it took home first prize at the Big Cheesy grilled cheese-off thanks to thick-cut bacon, blue cheese, and homemade cranberry-pepper jam. A truly triumphant grilled cheese experience. Now let us tell you about their birthday cake shake...Milk Truck's Ham & CheeseCheck the truck's location, here; 646.504.6455 Whether you get it from the truck, their stand at Smorgasburg, or along with a giant beer at Houston Hall, this Ham & Cheese somehow even trumps the same-named Hot Pocket via Niman Ranch applewood-smoked ham, VT aged cheddar, and Colman's mustard, all atop Blue Ribbon Bakery rosemary Pullman, which people often confuse for rosemary Paxton. MT's menu is chock-full of more cheesy goodnessSarabeth's at Park's Adult Grilled Cheese381 Park Ave South; Murray Hill; 212.335.0093 Pretzel Bun Alert! Their Adult GC stuffs the beautifully Bavarian bread with Manchego, Gruyere, cheddar, and mustard, and automatically hooks you up with a crazy creamy bowl of "velvety" tomato soup, just for being someone who likes eating wondrous things. Check out more adult meals from Sarabeth's

The Salona grilled cheese at Noorman's Kil
Candied bacon grilled cheese from Little Muenster
Award Winner at Melt Shop
Milk Truck's ham & cheese
The Adult Grilled Cheese at Sarabeth's