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Step off, ramen burger. The 'Roni Roll is here, and it puts fettuccine alfredo lobster between pasta

The ramen burger has been sitting comfortably on the frankenfood throne with its buddy Cronut since it debuted at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn this Summer. And some think it's gotten a little too comfortable. Enter young upstart the 'Roni Roll, a handheld meat-and-pasta combo that's looking to steal the crown from its noodle-bunned ancestor.

The 'Roni Roll is the beautiful creation of the Forking Tasty brothers, and it's about to tear it up at Smorgsaburg. Each 'Roni Roll has a hand-rolled pasta bun as its base, but you'll be able to choose from six different, delectable fillings. For the meat lovers, there's a bucatini marinara chicken parm, a capellini fra diavolo meatball, a sage butter linguine veal saltimbocca, and a spaghetti carbonara porchetta. More into seafood? They're rocking a fettuccine alfredo lobster. Just want some veggies? Prepare to devour the tagliatelle pomodoro eggplant.

All pricing is TBD, and there's no official drop date yet. But you can subscribe here to be the first to hear of any and all 'Roni Roll news.