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Our editor uncovers sex shops, table bowling, and Douche Bag sandwiches

Published On 05/20/2013 Published On 05/20/2013
Williamsburg Bridge
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1. Brooklyn Winery 213 N 8th St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Two vino enthusiasts fell in love with the winemaking process but didn't quite care for the hassle of heading to Manhattan to enjoy it. Their solution? Converting a massive former BK nightclub into an oenophile's wet dream, complete with a start-to-finish process that lets customers make their own wine. And assuming Paul Giammatti isn't one of your buddies, feel free to make all the Merlot you want.

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2. Brooklyn Beast 230 Bogart St, Brooklyn , NY 11206

If you've ever wanted to run up walls or across pipes 20ft in the air, but feel you would definitely require adult supervision to do so, head to Brooklyn Beast to learn the arts of parkour and capoeira. Assuming you're wall-climbing experience is minimal, you can start with their beginner classes and work yourself up.

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3. Shag 108 Roebling St, Brooklyn, 11211

Sex shops can be a fun and perfect way to bring some extra excitement to the bedroom, but often at the risk of freaking your lady out. Such stores can be creepy, intimidating, and uncomfortable. Shag, owned by two Brooklyn gals, bucks this trend and casts aside the tacky and classes things up with massage oils, glassware phalluses, and hentai-influenced paintings. Feel good about feeling good, you feel me?

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4. Strawser and Smith 487 Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

A key element of successfully being what the kids call a hipster nowadays is looking cool and fashionable on a budget. Well, apply this philosophy to your personal space by outfitting your apartment with Strawser and Smiths' super affordable, super fashionable furniture that ranges from coffee tables made from repurposed medical carts to a coat rack that doubles as a trendy bench.

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5. Lady Jay's 633 Grand St, Brooklyn, NY 11211

No frills, no nonsense - Lady Jay's is a joint that strips a bar down to its bare necessities. LJ's a neighborhood spot dedicated to straight-ahead boozin', decorating its walls with Native American paintings, an American flag, and a pair of mounted steer horns. If you're looking for fancy cocktails, take your business elsewhere, 'cause Lady Jay's is all about seasonal draughts, PBR tallboys, and the highest quality whiskeys.

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6. Hana Food 534 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Not only will your inebriated self love that this joint is open late-night, it's also serving up wackily-named sandwiches (My Girlfriend is a Whore, Douche Bag, and MILF Revenge, to name a few) that will be that much more entertaining when you're a couple brews deep.

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7. Hope Garage 163 Hope St, New York, NY 11211

Hope Garage's a resto open 'til 4am and satisfying your cravings of panko-crusted fish sticks w/ spicy remoulade, tri-fromage grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions, buffalo wings w/ blue cheese fondue & celery ribbons, and fried Wisconsin cheese curds.