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Our editor uncovers sex shops, table bowling, and Douche Bag sandwiches

Williamsburg Bridge

Williamsburg: everyone's got their feelings on it, whether they be good, bad, or whatever cool, even bigger word people in Williamsburg use instead of "indifferent". But our New York editor Andrew Zimmer is here to provide a tour of his favorite spots in the 'hood that often go unnoticed amidst all the, well, Williamsburgness.
Do more than drink wine at a wine bar Brooklyn Winery 213 N 8th St; Brooklyn; 347.763.1506 Sure, you can just drink wine anywhere, but no one else has their own rooftop vineyard (seriously!) -- enter Brooklyn Winery, who makes their own wine, but also doubles as just a fantastic wine bar and day-drinking venue thanks to their atrium. Get more info on how to wine and dine yourself
Get hardcore Brooklyn Beast 230 Bogart St; Brooklyn; 347.457.6290 Ever since they stopped calling it freestyle walking, parkour has been badass. Now you can learn how to do it without breaking your clavicle from the good people at Brooklyn Beast, who opened NY's first facility for learning how to jump from building to building artfully. They also offer capoeira classes. Get your Beast on, here
The classiest place to look at sex toys Shag 108 Roebling St; Brooklyn; 347.721.3302 Anyone who's ever watched Blind Date knows that sex shops are awesome. But Shag is the kind you'd actually be proud to take your non-TV girlfriend to, and maybe even take a class together. It's not too raunchy, and not too weird -- you know, in the way that the "Flirty Curve Marble Hardrocks Diletto" is not too raunchy and not too weird. It's GF-friendly, so you can click for more without feeling guilty
Look at furniture that you wish you had in your apt Strawser and Smith 487 Driggs Ave; Brooklyn; 718.399.6855 There's a ton of second-hand/flat-out junk stores all over the place in Williamsburg, and they're great to dig around in -- I consistently find myself spending more time than I should looking through the one with the creepy dolls on Driggs. But to find old and repurposed stuff that's actually awesome and usable, head over to Strawser & Smith, which's stocking coffee tables made from old medical carts and a 1950s Schwinn Panther, which is made with zero bits of real panther, but is still good. Get some second hand goodies
If you're in the mood for good music, the outdoors, and miniature bowling Lady Jay's 633 Grand St; Brooklyn; 718.387.1029 They've got cheap beer, shots, a great jukebox, an electric table bowling game that I'm pretty sure I've never seen anywhere else in the city, and a great backyard that'll occasionally have live music and BBQs. No frills, all awesome. More on this laid back spot...
Everybody likes crazy ass sandwiches Hana Food 534 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn; 718.218.7747 A favorite of late-night revelers and sandwich enthusiasts, Hana's bread-monsters are delicious, but the best part is the names. The Douche Bag is chicken, swiss, avocado, and blue cheese, the MILF Revenge gets pastrami, eggs, Muenster, and jalapeños, and you'll just have to go there yourself to see what's on the Munch On My Box or the beloved My Girlfriend is a Whore. Get those late-night eats
No matter the time, this place has got you covered Hope Garage 163 Hope St; Brooklyn; 718.388.4626 A great place to hang out day or night (or both), the actual former garage is perfect if you're looking to party post show, or just need a place to hunker down at 3a and tuck into some next-level bar eats. They've got maybe the best wings in Brooklyn, fried Wisco cheese curds, a three-cheese grilled cheese, and serve it all until 4a. See the late-night eats

Wine from Brooklyn Winery
Dudes be flippin' at Brooklyn Beast
Paddle from Shag
Seating options at Strawser and Smith
Interior at Lady Jay's
Hana Food storefront
Interior at Hope Garage