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New York's Jewish Delis Are Becoming an Endangered Species

Published On 12/22/2016 Published On 12/22/2016
Carnegie Deli
NYC's Carnegie Deli opened in 1937 | DW labs Incorporated/Shutterstock
NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio dines on pastrami | Carnegie Deli
“The Carnegie represented the idea of the Jewish delicatessen in the American imagination."
Celebrity portraits spotlight the deli's famous clientele | Carnegie Deli
Deli owner Marian Levine | Carnegie Deli
A crowded house at Carnegie Deli | Flickr/Joakim Jardenberg
"Is it a tourist trap? Is it expensive? Are the sandwiches ridiculous and meant for tourists taking pictures? Sure. But it’s also a fascinating, wonderful, funny, and often delicious place in a part of the city that has really lost all of that."