Questlove just opened a fried chicken joint in Chelsea Market

Hybird Fried Chicken

If you watch late-night television, or are a chicken enthusiast who nonetheless goes to bed really early, you may know that Questlove from The Roots makes such good fried chicken that he had a showdown with Momofuku head honcho David Chang on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Well, since then, he's been testing his top-secret recipe with everyone from rappers, to artists, to regular people lucky enough to somehow taste-test his chicken. And now, he's honed the good stuff enough to feel comfortable opening a restaurant put together in collaboration with Stephen Starr (Morimoto, Buddakan, Philly's Fette Sau...) in Chelsea Market.

Hybird counter

It's in a new expansion of the already awesomely packed Chelsea Market (Lobster Place, Cull & Pistol, Dickson's Farmstand...) -- you'll find it across from the taco place, and probably with a line out the door.

Hybird fried chicken close-up

So, this is kinda cool: they only do drumsticks, because Questlove hates breasts is a drummer.

Hybird dumplings

They're taking the whole chicken and dumplings thing in a totally other literal direction, and filling Asian dumplings with essentially their version of side dishes, like one with Mornay and truffled egg, and another that's got a crab rangoon steez called the "Creme de la Crab".

Hybird biscuits

These biscuits are insanely tasty. You can and should top 'em off with their next-level honey butter.

Hybird - Loveslush

Loveslush Alert! Score one of these for a refreshing guzzle with your chicken or for a stroll on the High Line. This is the Watermelon Jalapeno slushy, but they've also got honey ginger lemonade.

Hybird cupcakes

Questolicious Cupcakes are another take on side dishes, including the cornbread stand-in "Miso Ho-ney" with honey-miso buttercream on a corn cake, as well as straight-up desserty joints like the Sexual Chocolate, on chocolate.